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Robert Trim's Recent Projects
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Salt Lake Community College

History 1700 Telecoures Revision

Clients goals:

I produced and directed this 40 hour telecourse more than 9 years ago. The instructor was concerned that the live class and the TV class were to divergent, so we addressed this problem in two ways.

We went back into the studio and taped 22 informal lectures each about 20 min. in length. These were original lecture specific and contained the new materials/issues now covered in the live class.

The new and original materials were authored into 22 DVD's, contained in a mailable Keeper. For those who required VHS, all new materials are available in VHS or separate DVD AND as a web stream in QuickTime and Real formats.

Shot in MiniDV, edited on Discreet Edit, authored in DVD Studio Pro.

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Robert Trim