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Robert Trim's Recent Projects
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Trim Entertainment Services

Video Upgrade Series for the Catalina 22 Sailboat

Clients goals:

The Catalina 22 sailboat is the worlds most popular commercially produced sailboat. Still in production after 30 years and more than 16,000 sailing world wide.

These videos offer the average do-it-yourselfer dozens of video instructions on repairs and upgrades to their sailboat. The companion booklet goes over each project and tools required.

This series released in VHS, CD and DVD has been in world wide release for the past 6 years thorough Catalina Direct at the Foredeck, Sac., Calif.


Video Upgrades vol. 1, 2 ,3

Refinishing the Swing Keel

Installation of the Power Lift Kit

Select the projects listed above for an overview of these efforts.

Robert Trim