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Robert Trim's Recent Projects
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Larry H. Miller Business Innovation Center

Salt Lake Community College

Clients goals:

Create a 11 min. video marketing tool that kicks off the grand opening/rollout and serves as a deliverable to prospective clients, sponsors and partners.

Project details:

shot film style with talent

Shot BetaCam SP

Edited in Final Cut Pro

DVD authored in DVD Studio Pro

3D objects- SoftImage, Photoshop

Secondary delivery mode- web QuickTime Sorenson3 using Cleaner5

Project concept;

Many businesses start on a cafe or bar napkin. Stress simple beginings need resources to become successful. On camera spokesperson takes us though the facility while current clients talk to the benefits of the center.

The napkin starts on a table, blows out the cafe window, out a car window, dozens float out of windows downtown and the failure napkin floats down the water filled gutter, down the storm drain. Text points are on animated napkins.

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Robert Trim