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1ST International Conference on using Direct Action to End the War on Drugs -Conference Program

* This is a draft of program and is subject to change- Updated 7 sept.

Notes: It is proposed that the conference will start at 11am daily.

This is to allow people to access the methadone clinic at Royal Darwin Hospital. NAP will provide a bus service each morning to and from the hospital.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights there will be other Syringe Festival events happening after the conference.

Sunday 21st September

Late afternoon or evening opening function for conference and syringe festival. Social event.

Monday 22nd September

11am to 1pm: Opening plenary speakers on the War on Drugs

- Opening and welcome from Larriakia people

-Welcome from NAP


Main Speakers- Wot and North from Thai Drug User Network (TDN)

Nick spoke on situation and issues in Vietnam for Drug Users

1pm to 2pm: Lunch

2 to 3.30pm: User organising workshops/s

3.30 to 4pm: Afternoon tea

4pm to 6pm: Alternative media workshop/s

Michael Arnold (NUAA), Rob Indersmith (working with the media), Gary M (using the net to promote your group)

6pm: Finish

Tuesday 23rd September

11am to 1pm : Nicky Bath on HOT and RESPECT...two drug user organisations working together in London UK

1pm to 2pm: Lunch

2pm to 6pm: Territory Users Forum. (TUF) Planning

(afternoon tea at 3.30 to 4pm)

Wednesday 24th September

11am to 1pm: Sarah Lords from vivaids on Subutex and Buprenorphine

1pm to 2pm: Lunch

2pm - 3:30pm: Plenary - Lobbying vs Direct Action Direct Action workshops/training with NAP squad (on legal implications)

3:30-4pm: Afternoon tea

4-6pm: Direct action training/workshops continued (on planning a direct action)

Thursday 25th September

11am to 1pm: Direct action planning continued

1pm to 2pm: Lunch

2pm to 3:30pm: Direct Action training workshops with NAP squad

3:30pm to 4pm: Afternoon tea

4 to 5pm: Direct Action Debrief

5pm: Closing Ceremony

5:30pm: TUF AGM at the railway club

Followed by closing function DOOF!

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