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Juxstapo's Caption Gallery

For the sake of speed and space I'll keep this short and sweet; if the Titles Mystery Science Theater, Caption This, or Inventing Situations don't mean anything to you, leave. Don't leave mad, just leave, or rather check out the galleries first *then* leave. I know this site will be severly lacking in style and panache but I wanted the emphasis solely on the galleries, so without further ado... ...well, ok a little bit more of ado, out of a mild sense of personal morality I've omitted most material which is heinously offensive, so this page should rank about a PG or perhaps PG-13 rating. Thank you ESRB. Gallery 4 should load quicker and drop images less frequently than the previous galleries. Taking inspiration from Mr Grant's oh so smooth site I'm trying to perfect my technique of storing smaller images to make the galleries more user friendly. It might not all line up 100% correctly 'cuz I'm extremely raw with HTML, but you should get the basic idea, thx.

Gallery1: EnochF, DangerKitty, AlanPartridge, AmyCamus, Buffoon, Cisco3600
Gallery2: KindaEvil, Gleeb, flavio, Matteus, Unreality
Gallery3: carbonationbased, DrClayForrester, Generik, Indomitus, leprechaun36, Mr_Grant, tinaw
Gallery4: Jtrip, icy, Hinermad, Cambot, chainsaw, LauraPowers, Mr Grant