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Fan Fiction

Welcome to my Fan Fiction site. Featuring my "The Lost Boys" Fan Fiction. When you're done here visit my other website "Danny's Danger Zone!"

Silver Bullet: Sam and his cousin Marty must rid Santa Carla of a werewolf. They also encounter a new enemy. And the mysterious Timandra arrives in Santa Carla. (Note: The story takes place soon after the movie. Also the character of Marty is from another movie which is set in the 70s but for the sake of this story we'll just pretend it was set in the 80s.)

Closet Monster: The closet monster grants any casual wish that Sam says. Causing the Frog brothers to "Chill out." Plus a gypsy discovers Timandra's secret.

Killer Party: While Gramps and Lucy are a way Sam throws a Halloween party. When the surf Nazi Zed finds out about the party he invites everyone in town, including a gang of Irish vampires new in town.

Play it Again Sam: On his birthday Sam begins to repeat the same day over and over (a la "Run Lola Run".) Sam must relive the same day until he makes sure he does it right; which may not be so easy with a mini vampire in charge of the school.

Nightmares: Zed bullies Sam, Finn, and Laddie into spending the night in the haunted Hill house. Where their worst nightmares come to life. Meanwhile Mike and Star go after a new werewolf in Santa Carla.

Ash to Ash: Sam starts hanging with the wrong crowd. In the end he must choose between his new friends and his old friends.

Zombie Prom: A heat wave hits Santa Carla which has a big effect on everyone. Treat raises the dead and sends his army of zombies to the high school prom. Sam and Treat have a battle to the death.

Characters: Pictures of the characters.