SCALAR WEAPONS: Read this and weep by C Verismo

Part 2 of 3


Bearden writes that anomalous ‘laser blinding’ of US satellites over the Soviet Union has occurred on several occasions. On one occasion, a satellite was blinded for up to four hours. He claims it is simple for a scalar EM interferometer or a ground-based scalar EM laser to accomplish, since the amount of energy deposited upon and within the satellite could be precisely controlled and even directly monitored. A possibly related anomalous temporary disabling of two or three power supplies has been demonstrated upon the British satellite Ariel 6 when passing over British Columbia or the Caspian Sea. The Russians shot down many U.S. satellites from 1977-1982, with their own ‘killer satellites’ and cosmospheres using beam weapons. Many kinds of beam weapons can be put on satellites. Just recently in Oct/Nov 2003, two Japanese spy satellites (recently put up in space leaving from Russia) were disabled, during the solar storm. Japan has scalar weapons - were they also on these satellites? The Chinese have been developing beam weapons to disable satellites, so it’s unknown if they were target practice. Brazil has also had a lot of trouble getting her satellites up into space and one wonders if they have any weapons on them because Brazil has scalar weapons and quantum potential weapons. There is much going wrong with Brazils’space program which is covered later in this chapter. Brazil has made a lot of alliances with other countries which include Ukraine, Russia, China, America and France, to get satellites into space. U.S. has scalar weapons on her satellites according to the book ‘Anti-Gravity and The World Grid’ editied by D.H Childress. An article in the book claims Tesla was the father of the Star Wars satellite defense system which works in conjunction with HAARP transmitters to make a shield in space as a deterrent against nuclear attacks. The article claims that the Star Wars satellites would be a literal ‘Death Star’ being able to achieve population control, extermination and military control of an entire planet. In the book the Russian press claimed in 1986 that it can neutralize the U.S. Star Wars as it is easy for them to neutralize the satellites and even went so far as to call Star Wars "useless junk!". They said they had another surprise response to Star Wars which would find Washinton scurrying to find another space-based system. Preston Nichols claims that the Star War satellites have particle beam weapons. As they have multiple satellites for this it is good for the protection of America by being able to make a Tesla Dome to destroy incoming missiles but one would hope it isn’t used for mass mind control. It may be that the next war is fought by satellite even using beams through the earth.


Bearden says that many Russian transmitters sending scalar beams over USA in a north/south direction are crossed at a 90 deg angle with beams running east/west. A scanner scans the grid squares, detects penetration, and tracks a rising missile or plane. Should attack be necessary two scalar pulses are fired to converge and meet in the grid cell containing the rising missile. This results in a violent electromagnetic pulse, which completely destroys the missile or aircraft. Strangely enough a grid system on a screen was shown in the Spielberg mini-series "Taken", showing the tracking of UFOs arriving and leaving from USA, along with the tracking of implantees and when they were abducted into UFOs above their houses. Could this be really true? The ‘fictional’ series was apparently based on true research, which was interesting because any bodies taken from their beds at night into extra-terrestrial ships might be able to be tracked this way as well, especially if the U.S. military was partnered in the abductions as they sometimes are. However in the ‘Taken’ series they tracked the abductees from their alien implants as well on a grid. For military tracking purposes Bearden claims that operators sit at a giant display screen, showing a grid of crossed scalar EM carriers, either in underground, underwater or atmosphere mode. A spot of light would appear on one of the grid squares (cells). The operator tracks a target accessing if it is missed or destroyed. Accordingly, the operator can make a burst of energy emerge inside the distant aircraft or missile by two scalar pulses meeting at the target location. The detection of a hit is shown by a sudden blossoming of the target on the screen and if it is missed a large ‘sonic boom’ will occur from the sudden heating of the air. Bearden says that this happened with the Russians using their interference grid covering America with the three NASA shuttle launches before the end of 1985.

On Nov 25 1985 a marker beacon/glowing ball of light was created over the test site probably to orient satellites and other detection systems. Twelve minutes after the launch a large blast occurred over the site, heard for hundreds of miles up and down the coast. Shortly after, the light moved faster than a jet. Bearden also says that the loss of the shuttle CHALLENGER on Jan 28 1986 was caused by the addition of a metal softening pattern in exothermic mode onto the booster by the Russians. By spread spectrum techniques one system of Woodpecker transmitters can set up multiple interference grids in various parts of the globe using scanners and howitzers. A single system can operate in the earth, underwater and in the atmosphere using different modes, against a wide variety of targets, all operating simultaneously in real time. According to Bearden when a rising missile is detected additional scalar frequencies in the multi-gigahertz range can fine scan to identify a target continuously on automatic, after the operator places a marker on the grid square it’s on. The operator may then fire from established grid scalar firing channels. Scalar waves on continuous mode can also be defocused over a wide area to dud electronics circuits of a mass of missiles all arriving at once. After this, large Tesla Globes created in continuous mode, can be produced to get the ones that are missed followed by small Tesla ‘balls of light’" in continuous pulsed mode which can finish the job of destroying the last missiles. An aircraft equipped with scalar EM weapons can attack loaded artillery pieces, with the round in the chamber exploding. As well as stored ammunitions. Underground missiles can be attacked with a scalar pulse passing through he overhead cover dudding the electronics, including nuclear warheads. This can be detonated along with the fuels and propellants. A helicopter with scalar EM weapons can destroy jets, other helicopters, cruise missiles, personnel, armored vehicles, and multiple other targets. Do the sinister black helicopters harassing American whistleblowers by circling their houses have these weapons? A single aircraft can sink an aircraft carrier or battle cruiser from afar along with other aircraft. Anything hidden and camouflaged, including decoys and dummies are useless when whole areas are cleared by wide scalar beam sweeps.


Each of the Woodpecker scalar grid interference cells on the grid placed over America by the Russian can act as a virtual transmitter, so it is as if thousands of EM transmitters have been built over USA. In ‘endothermic mode’ thousands of these grid interference cells can act as ‘cold generators’ all over USA extracting electromagnetic energy. This induces local cooling and shrinking of the air, and the formation of low pressure. Alternatively in ‘exothermic mode’ set at ‘continuous’ a grid cell where beams intersect creates local heating and expansion of the air and so formation of high pressure occurs. These two modes have enabled the Russians to manipulate the U.S. weather at will. Hot and cold spots can be moved along a desired path at a desired speed. Using these methods the entire jet stream across the USA can be deviated at will. Moisture can be drawn from the Pacific and collided over the southern U.S. with extremes of cold air brought down from Canada to produce ice storms. Violent thunderstorms can be induced and directed with added ‘spin’ thrown in to form extensive tornadoes. Drought, excessive rain and flooding can be induced at whim. Crops can be destroyed by severe and unseasonal weather. Substantial ocean effects can upset the world’s weather using scalar EM carriers. Localizing a spot of heating at the top of a thunderstorm anvil and another spot of cooling at its side can make a localized downburst of rain. Weather satellites have detected this combination over America though it can also occur naturally. Bearden claims all this kind of weather engineering has been deliberately created over the U.S. by Russia since the 1960’s with Japan engineering America’s weather since 1989. Anomalous weather has occurred that would not occur by chance since Russian scalar EM transmitters were made. Scalar beams can be transmitted through the earth and ocean to intersect at a distant region so it dosen’t have to be obvious and this way volcanoes can be activated as well.


Distant earthquakes can be made by depositing energy in the rocks and increasing plate stress until slippage occurs at a fault zone. Rocking of an entire plate can be done by depositing and contracting energy from alternate areas causing buckling of a large rock plate. Bearden writes on how to induce an earthquake: "Here's how you initiate a very large earthquake with such weapons. Take a convenient fault zone or set of them. Focus the interferometry on the fault zone, in the "diverging" mode, and deposit EM energy there in the rocks on both sides, increasing (slowly) the stress in the rocks by the reverse piezoelectric effect (deposit excess energy, get crystal mechanical movements). Do it slowly, and the stress will build up to large pressures well-above a plate slip minimum energy required. At some point, the rocks yield and one or both sides ‘slip’ and move rather sharply, giving a very large earthquake in that zone. Do the same thing down in the earth (remember, scalar waves easily penetrate right through the earth and ocean at will, and so the ‘interference zone’ focus can be inside the earth or beneath the ocean, at will. Anyway, focus this thing down to where the active part of the volcano is still slumbering, down where the hole in the plate has been made. Keep increasing the deposition of energy in the magma itself, and eventually the increasing pressure from deep within that volcano, underground, will cause an eruption. Build the energy slow, and the eruption will likely be much larger." Dr. Peter Beter, stated that by 1977, the Russians had placed ‘fission-fusion Superbombs’ in certain deep undersea trenches around the Phillipines. It is believed that the Phillipines are in a 'keystone' spot within the giant Pacific Tectonic Plate. Russia had already been setting off lower yield undersea weapons in other areas around the Pacific Ocean causing strong earthquakes. It is believed that when the bombs are set off, as stress has built to the level the Russians need, this will cause incredible earthquakes and tidal waves and ultimately devastate the American West Coast. Volcanoes erupting in the Phillipines are an indication that stresses are building in the area. Earthquakes and volcanoes can sometimes triggering the other. An earthquake can open vents deep in the Earth which allow lava to flow up. In other cases the stresses driving volcanic activity can also cause earthquakes. In the correspondence section of Cheniere.Org Bearden responded to a reader's question "Do you have any indicators that the Yakuza (or someone else) is behind the recent spate of quakes and volcanoes, especially the quakes in Alaska?" Bearden responsed: "No indications directly as yet. So far, just the fact that it seems to be the most powerful quake ever to hit the U.S. Also, it damaged the pipeline in Alaska (800 miles long pipeline) that carries 20% of all domestic U.S. oil. The pipeline is shut down now.

In a February 1912 interview Nikola Tesla said that it would be possible to split the planet by combining vibrations with the correct resonance of the earth itself. He said: "Within a few weeks, I could set the earth's crust into such a state of vibrations that it would rise and fall hundreds of feet, throwing rivers out of their beds, wrecking buildings and practically destroying civilization." A 1935 article stated: "Tesla's "experiments in transmitting mechanical vibrations through the earth -- called by him ‘the art of telegeodynamics’ were roughly described by the scientist as a sort of ‘controlled earthquake’. The rhythmical vibrations pass through the earth with almost no loss of energy. It becomes possible to convey mechanical effects to the greatest terrestrial distances and produce all kinds of unique effects. The invention could be used with destructive effect in war..."

As part of the secret 1974 Vladivostok U.S.-Soviet artificial global-warming agreement, the US began 30 Hz ELF transmissions from a site in the Pacific northwest in Washington. Coincidentally with the increase in Soviet and U.S. ELF transmissions during 1980, was a sharp increase in earthquakes around the world. The 1/30/81 Washington Post reported: "The world sustained 71 significant earthquakes during 1980, up from 56 the previous year, and the world death toll climbed to 7140, 5 times the 1979 figure, the USGS said." On Sept 12 1989, sensors near Monterrey Bay, California, detected unusual ULF (between 0.01 Hz and 10 Hz -- the lowest ELF frequencies) radio signals, "which grew 30 times stronger October 5, and then weakened somewhat. At 2:00pm on Oct 17, the signals grew so strong that they went off of the sensor's scales. Three hours later, the San Francisco Bay area experienced a 7.1 earthquake, which killed more than 60 people and injured 3800 others. The disastrous Jan 17, 1994 Los Angeles earthquake was also preceded by mysterious radio signals, preceeding two loud ‘sonic booms’, which are typical symptoms of Soviet Tesla weapons usage, immediately before the earthquake. Normally earthquakes occur no deeper than 20 to 25 km, however a very rare deep 8.2 quake took place in 1994 with an 8.2 quake emanated from 600 kilometers below Bolivia, punching the planet hard enough to send it ringing like a bell. The quake was felt in much of North America, even up to Seattle.

The 1987 Eastlund HAARP patent stated that "The earth's magnetic field could be decreased or disrupted at appropriate altitudes to modify or eliminate the magnetic field." This can cause irreversible damage, not to mention the slashes and holes HAARP does in the ionsophere with high frequency radio waves. Lloyd Zirbes wrote: "Disruption of the earth's magnetic field will complete damages to the planet's balance done by the government nuclear bomb blasts in the natural radiation belts above the ionosphere. Earth's magnetic field keeps the planet in balance with the moon and sun. Disrupting the field will be the last straw in sending earth into the sun or out into space." The combined effects of all the Russian, American and other transmitters around the planet, including GWEN towers and ELF, and VLF systems all operating simultaneously especially during geomagnetic storms is disrupting the earth’s internal dynamo and disrupting and altering the upper atmosphere magnetic belts, which are the external part of the earth’s natural dynamo system and could create a premature reversal of the magnetic poles, make the earth wobble more leading to a pole shift or total pole reversal. An article online called ‘HAARP Unveiled’ described the effects of Woodpecker drawing up energy from the Earth’s molten core. It said that when an electromagnetic signal is transmitted through the earth at certain multiples of 30 degrees standing waves are formed right inside the earth. In certain incidence angle cases this standing wave also induces a coherence formed in the molten core of the earth itself, and a tiny fraction of the vast, surging electromagnetic currents of the liquid core begin to feed into and augment the induced standing wave. During this, the inducing signal one is putting into the earth is the grid signal and the vast energy in the molten core of the earth is the cathode and power supply. The established coherence serves as an amplification factor for the grid signal and much more energy is now present in the standing wave than the tiny amount being fired in from the outside. By crossing beams, multiple 'giant resonance' waves of this type focus into a very powerful beam of very great energy amplifying some of the enormous energy which exists inside the earth. By creating this powerful beam and varying the frequency, focusing and wave shape of the beam, earthquakes can be induced at a distance or severe disturbances in the middle and upper atmosphere over a target area creating anomalous weather effects. Some call it ‘the Tesla effect.’

With the U.S. and Russia tearing up the magnetic field with HAARP and Woodpecker sending scalar waves and particle beam weapons from the ground and satellites, the earth’s magnetic field is being eaten away. According to an article in Nexus magazine some years ago the U.S. let off two atmospheric nuclear bombs above Antarctica in 1975, and then afterwards when they wouldn’t give the Russians the data gained, the Russians set one off above the Arctic. There are gaping holes in the magnetic field over the Earth, with a major hole above Alaska, which wasn’t apparently done by HAARP (according to a article by Dan Eden), but yet another even more powerful transmitter we don’t even know about that the U.S. has there. Eden reports that there is a large hole in the atmosphere above Yugoslavia also. More and more artificial ELF and VLF vibrations are disrupting earth's natural internal and external electromagnetic systems which help to maintain planetary rotation, balance and stability. With the newly discovered planetary wobble and sudden abrupt slow-downs in rotation, we should be worried especially with more scalar weapons falling into rogue hands. Should any asteroid come too close it may set off such a destructive resonance that the planet could split like Tesla predicted, or suffer a total polar shift. Bearden wrote: "Any large collection of nuclei -- such as a star or a planet -- is a strong absorber and radiator of scalar wave radiation. The Sun is a particularly strong source of scalar wave radiation. This radiation penetrates the earth deeply, interacting more and more with the deeper layers, which under greater mechanical stress are more nonlinear. Most of the heat in the molten core of the earth comes from the dephasing of a portion of this absorbed scalar radiation from the Sun, liberating ordinary electromagnetic energy as heat. The Earth also re-radiates scalar wave radiation back to the Sun. The Sun and the Earth are thus coupled into a scalar system in equilibrium or near-equilibrium. Each body in the couplet possesses both a feedforward and a feedback loop." He warned of the grave dangers of scalar weapons, which may upset the resonances between the Sun, Moon and Earth, especially in pulsed mode because this would upset the delicate balance of Earth-Sun, Sun-Moon and Earth-Moon. If one resonance gets over stimulated the coupled resonance response from the sun could be disastrous, with violent expulsions of solar electromagnetic energy and particles which is happening now. Earth could disappear in a ball of flames (which is predicted in 2.Peter in the Bible).

Bearden warns: "Note the abnormal influence of the Moon on tides -- tides of both the Earth's tectonic plates and oceans. If the Earth-Moon resonant system were overstimulated, one might expect VIOLENT earthquakes of extraordinary magnitude, and tremendous tidal waves hundreds of feet in height." According to the article ‘HAARP Unveiled’ ( : "... the use of huge scalar electromagnetic weapons (including US devices which interfere with God-given protective Van Allen Belt and other external magnetic belts) is a double-edged sword. Unless carefully employed, use of the weapons could cause a terrible backlash to the user (as the Soviets discovered when the main power source for the Gomel Woodpecker transmitter at Chernobyl exploded in 1986), as well as the victim and even cause the destruction of Earth itself. With scalar electromagnetic weapons, the consequence of a relatively simple electronic failure can be catastrophic; not only for the local nation but for the earth as a whole. If an scalar pulse discharge happens to tickle the Sun's and Moon's natural scalar electromagnetic feedback loops the wrong way you'll get convulsions on the earth and a violent increase in the interior heat of the Earth's molten core with a concomitant eruption of that core right up through the Earth's mantle..."


Bearden also writes about a scalar interference grid which can be made underwater so that all submarines can be detected, tracked and destroyed using dudding or explosions with missiles still unfired in weakly endothermic mode. Two scalar pulses from howitzers can channel and meet in the submarine, violently exploding all of it with the marker on the screen shown as blossoming light. A "cold explosion" could also be created from pulsed endothermic mode, making intense, severe freezing in the target zone. Artificial EM "potential" will travel through the ocean, but a force field won’t. Also surface naval vessels can be attacked through their hulls. Sea borne and ocean bottom mines can be destroyed with underwater ‘sensors’ including entire fields of them. Scalar beams can detect and destroy torpedoes and anti-submarine missiles including their munitions and charges. A scalar grid system can also be placed over the ocean against all missiles, including those from submarines, as well as destroying aircraft on a carrier taskforce as soon as they launch. Using a sophisticated scalar radar, a large area can be scanned rapidly for all mines. It can operate as an "underwater eye" being able to tell if a mine is located. The grid operator can then hit any mines or even midget submarines, bottom crawlers etc. with a scalar interferometry pulse, using the same detection system. EM energy can be sent to the submarine’s controls making it malfunction, causing it to sink to crush depth and implode. In another mode the scalar howitzer can create "cold explosions" where huge energy is sucked out of the sea. A number of these cold explosions have been witnessed, especially by commercial pilots. They create a gigantic mushroom cloud of mostly water vapor rising miles into the sky.

An article called ‘Yugoslav Earthquake’ followed by Cold Explosion can be viewed at: On Apr 15 1979 there was a magnitude 7.2 earthquake in Yugoslavia followed by a cold explosion in the Adriatic Sea, at Kamenari. The sea mushroomed up like a nuclear cloud. Bearden writes that in 1984 the Soviets created a scalar ‘cold explosion’ off the coast of Japan near Kuril Islands. A cold zone low pressure was suddenly induced above the ocean and water was sharply sucked up forming a dense mushroom like cloud, (glowing like a halo) like an atomic explosion but with no flash or shockwave. The expanding cloud rose to 60,000 ft in about two minutes, spreading until it reached a diameter of about 200 miles. Several Boeing airline pilots in the general vicinity saw this and a US satellite also photographed the area. Bearden says it was very probably a test of a giant scalar EM howitzer used in the endothermic (heat energy withdrawing) mode. Sudden energy withdrawal in a region above the ocean resulted in a sudden low pressure, sucking up a giant cloud of moisture. Inrushing air pushed the cloud upward into a giant mushroom. The maximum diameter of the halo is estimated at least 380 miles, and the maximum altitude of its center greater than 200 miles. Bearden says this is a sort of Tesla shield made by a giant Soviet scalar weapon, and was three tests in one: the initial cold explosion, switching to endothermic mode, then exothermic mode to create a small hemispheric shell of energy expanded into a globular shell, and expanded to giant size. This globular part of the exothermic test was very similar to the Soviet test observed from Teheran, Iran in 1966. The glowing hemispherical shell was similar to several previous Soviet tests observe over the ocean. In 1977, the H.M.V. Kinpurnie Castle observed a large, moderately luminous hemisphere of light formed over the ocean, and the formation of two luminous patches or globes, inside and outside, which disappeared after 10 minutes.


According to Bearden, in 1982, pilots and crews of two Japan Air Lines Flights reported sighting a giant, expanding globe of light in the North Pacific, 700 kms east of Kushiro. Beaden writes: "This was another test of a scalar EM howitzer/interferometer producing a "giant globular shell" of energy at a great distance (this is also called a Tesla globe, because tesla created them initially). When small, the intense shell produces a very high EGP (electrogravitational pulse) and also a very high electromagnetic pulse inside the matter of any object penetrating the shell. This will dud any and all electronic equipment; explode high explosives, fuels and combustibles; and render any other modern weapon harmless. The high EGP will detonate a nuclear warhead immediately in a "full-up" nuclear detonation. It will also instantly kill any living creature, including every cell, bacterium, virus, and organism in its body. It will detonate any ordinary, non-radioactive material, with a low-order nuclear detonation, of all its nuclei. As the globular shell is made very large, the "energy density" in its shell is reduced. However, any nuclear material or device will still suffer a low-order nuclear detonation from the EGP, and any biological system will still be instantly killed. The EMP (electromagnetic pulse) will still dud any electromagnetic equipment presently available. As can be seen, the globe can be used to defend an entire sector of the sky against any kind of incoming threat—with 100% effectiveness. A hemispherical shield can be placed over one's own military forces for defense, and/or over the opposing force for initial phase offense.

Bearden says any object penetrating the shell, which consists of globes or hemispheres layered within each other, receives both an electrogravitational pulse (EGP) and electromagnetic pulse (EMP)arising inside it, from within its local space-time. The EMP will dud all electronics and explode all high explosive materials. EMI shielding is ineffectual, since the EM energy pulse arises everywhere within the vehicle, warhead, and circuitry from spacetime itself. The EGP will immediately fission radioactive material. If a strong EGP is experienced any nuclear warhead will explode instantly, and even the nuclei of ordinary, nonradioactive material struck by a strong EGP will fission in a low order nuclear explosion in the more intense small shell or shell variant. The large Tesla shells cause low order detonation, and disruption of nuclear warheads. The Tesla shell is effective against all types of warheads including nuclear and penetrating vehicles (bombers, ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, RPVs, artillery shells, etc.). 100% defense against missiles and aircraft is possible. Bearden wrote in 1984, an American Boeing crew flying from Tokyo near the Kuril Islands, noticed a slowly expanding hemisphere of white light above the horizon. The shell of light continued to expand over a 10 minute period until ahead of them. There was no shock wave. The shell of light had sharp edges and was semitransparent so that stars became visible through it. This was another Soviet test of the Tesla shield. Numerous sightings of this phenomenon have been made by airline pilots flying in and out of Japan.


For smaller defense tasks, Bearden describes that one can hide an independent scalar wave carrier inside an ordinary carrier wave for communications, as the enemy can jam a normal communication carrier, but not a scalar one. Artificial potentials can be used for 2 way communication with submarines, aircraft and ships also. He says that one can use one’s enemies jamming transmissions as a ‘wire’ to establish scalar EM channels. The enemy’s transmitter can be located with ‘weakly endothermic mode’ using lock-in mode. One can ‘walk’ the lock-in past their encryption function to their "clear" input and receive and record all that they are communicating in the clear, and this can even be done distantly. There is an option to also destroy the enemy’s equipment while they are at it, or just continue to eavesdrop. Bearden claims that this reason may be why the US embassy in Moscow was subject to weak microwave radiation for decades, and this caused health problems to the staff. The US knew and apparently took no action to monitor the effects themselves. The Soviets have built a new embassy in Washington DC, bristling with antennas. It penetrates the steel hull of tanks, armored vehicles, underground bunkers, pillboxes and fortifications. Anything underground can be shot at through the earth, including missile silos, and nuclear storage sites which too can be attacked through the earth itself, initiating full nuclear explosion on missiles at station. Ammunition dumps, radar systems, radios and communication gear and centers, gasoline dumps, drones, surveillance and sensor systems, mines etc. can be swept clean with scalar waves giving area coverage. Scalar waves can pump the electrical grounding and distant electrical power distribution and generation systems so they fail. Radio and TV transmitters and wiring complexes in buildings can be destroyed. If many missiles are launched, a Russian operator could mark them rapidly and the howitzer fires burst after burst at them, decimating them and reducing the number to make it to mid course. On the tactical battlefield scalar EM radar interferometer systems can defend against tactical missiles, aircraft, cruise missiles, artillery, mortar shells and helicopters. There’s no place to hide, so an invasion can be achieved easily, provided the enemy is also not using scalar EM weapons.


If one sets a scalar weapon on ‘high intensity pulse mode’ and fires at someone it will destroy their nervous system instantly, along with every living cell, bacteria, germs etc. causing death. The hit body falls down like a limp rag, not decaying in even 30-45 days. It’s like a body being irradiated with nuclear radiation like food, everything is killed. The material is preserved before decay can set in. Entire groups of people can be blasted and killed on peak power. Bearden said that the strange deaths of the Afghanis were speculated to have been done with an eerie new gas. However gas gives a person seconds to die, having violent convulsions. Jane’s ‘Defense Weekly’ covered this in 1984. The Soviets used scalar tactical death rays in Afghanistan, according to Bearden, and they were positioned in the noses of their HIND helicopters. They cunningly also fired gas rockets filled with nerve gas to disguise the testing of these death rays to fool intelligence analyists. Set at a lower intensity pulse mode the person will be zapped unconscious and revived later for interrogation. This is done silently. To prevent destroying equipment and installations the endothermic mode can be utilized. Cold explosions can freeze tanks, personnel and equipment. Heaters and arctic clothing are useless, the people die - frozen to death, however the equipment thaws out. Bearden says if one wanted the front-line strength of NATO, one could create three cold explosions, each 50 miles in diameter alongside each other. In seconds every living thing is frozen to death. The battle’s over instantaneously.


These can be carried by people or mounted on vehicles or helicopters. A bazooka size scalar EM pulse weapon can destroy a tank with one shot passing right through the armor. It can penetrate conductive shielding and even Faraday cages. With a scalar EM pulse, the tank personnel die instantly, the electronics are dudded, the ammunition and fuel in it explodes, all simultaneously, destroying it completely. One tank, helicopter or jet after the other can be knocked out easily with one blast by a either a soldier on the ground carrying a portable bazooka or tank carrying this weapon. A fighter bomber aircraft is also destroyed using simultaneous kill mechanisms, with the fighter and crew instantly killed, electronics dudded, fuel exploding and jet engine flaming if the pulse mode is powerful enough. Shielding is ineffective, the scalar pulse or continuous mode can go anywhere gravity can go. Tesla/scalar wave weapons were said to have been used by the Slavs, who had this technology in the Tesla Museum (dedicated to his work), during the Bosnian war. The Russians were also said to have helped them. Using scalar weapons from a tank or ground transmitter, closely spaced pulses can act like a machine gun and sweep the artillery or mortar barrage. If the peak power in the sweeping pulses is sufficient, the explosives are sparked and detonated and the fuses destroyed.


Bearden also says making an aircraft invisible to ordinary radar involves having multiple transmitters on it to make a spherical interference shell around it in the bandwidth of the searching radar. When the radar beam strikes the energy bottle around the aircraft and interferes with the return signal reflected from it, it is defracted, scattered and absorbed. To shield against passive radar tracking emissions from the aircraft, one can detect and complement their own emissions, so that ‘near zeros’ result in the spectrum of interest. It is also possible to cool the exhaust and heated surfaces of the aircraft using scalar electrostatic cooling. Bearden claims it is possible to cause the aircraft to ‘disappear’ optically. This can be done by matching a photon hitting the aircraf , which is absorbed totally with the same emission from the opposite side, in the same direction the original photon was headed. The light emitted from the original airplane from one direction seems to have "passed through it" from the other direction, mimicking empty space to the observer. a photon is a quantum of radiant energy moving with the velocity of light) Apparently what is known as a "Fourier expansion energy bottle" can be used for this. This can also be done on re-entry vehicles by having multiple antennas on it or use satellite re-entry vehicles to carry extra transmitters necessary for scalar interferometry. An energy bottle can be placed around the ensemble as an interference shell in the bandwidth of requirement. Radars in that bandwidth can’t detect the ensemble.


Bearden paints a possible scenario: if for example the U.S. were to send a nuclear missile to Russia many things they have developed for defense using scalar technology could greet it before it even landed. Secret eavesdropping using scalar carriers may have heard it was about to be fired, and they could explode the missile before launch using a cloaked cosmosphere or aircraft. However if it does manage to launch, firstly it could be detected and tracked, then a continuous EMP Tesla globe could kill the electronics of the missile. Another intensely hot fireball globe could vaporize the missile, or a pulse mode fireball could explode it before it reached its target. Extremely large glowing spheres of light containing dense EM plasma energy created by crossed scalar beams could also activate the nuclear warhead en route by creating a violent low order nuclear explosion. Various parts of the flying debris can be subjected to smaller more intense Tesla globes where the energy density to destroy is more powerful than the larger globe first encountered. This can be done in pulse mode with any remaining debris given maximum continuous heating to vaporize metals and materials. If anything still rains down on Russia, they could have already made a Tesla shield over the targeted area to block it from entering the airspace. The Tesla shield protecting the target could be made of three or more concentric Tesla shields, that would produce multiple electromagnetic pulse energy and severe heating of anything which enters it. These concentric Tesla shields can also clean up and sterilize any gamma radiation resulting from an explosion of the nuclear warhead. The Soviets are using unknown attributes of matter, phenomena and laws of nature by research covering the equivalent of 7-8 U.S. atom bomb projects back to back already.


The space shuttle accidents, according to Tom Bearden, were done by the Russians using scalar weapons. Let’s forst look at other stories on these accidents being caused by the Russians, according to a series of articles written anonymously called’Fire From The Sky’ found on Steve Wingate’s site, ( The article states that in Oct 1977 a newly operational Russian cosmosphere (locally made anti-grav saucer) shot down Skylab with five American astronauts secretly on board. In mid May 1977, America could not put up a satellite due to a booster rocket falling off. This satellite was destroyed on Sept 13 when its launch vehicle exploded one minute after lift off. Sixteen days later another satellite and booster went up in flames, again one minute after launch. NASA pretended Skylab was still up in orbit, but sinking unexpectedly. The U.S. wasn’t in a position to yet launch any space shuttle up into space because Russia was deploying her secret space triad of advanced manned weapons. The US space shuttle program had to be reorganized shrouded in secrecy. In 1946, the Russians moved many German scientists to forty locations in the Soviet Union, as well as their labs and forced them to build anti-gravitational saucers, like the ones the Nazis made for their own use in 1940/41 in eight locations all over Germany during the war, after they had ‘back engineered’ a crashed UFO which landed in Germany in 1939. More info can be found at: Manmade Flying Saucers: The Nazi Connection


According to the book ‘UFOs Nazi Secret Weapon?’ 275,000 German scientists as well as their families were taken from the Soviet occupied section of Germany after the war over a two day period, never to return. They built the Mig fighter planes for the Soviets, along with torpedoes, submarines and many other things of use in war. However the Nazi anti-grav saucer plans were found by the allies after the war, and this valuable book was written in the 1950’s showing all their technology with photos of the saucers and matching engineering plans. ‘UFOs Nazi Secret Weapon?’ was written by two Germans, Mattern and Friedrich, and no German publisher dared to publish it, so it had to wait until the mid 1960’s to be published in Canada. Since the late 1940’s, Nazi UFOs which resembled the ones drawn on the plans, have been sighted worldwide. Investigations showed that nearly 3 billion dollars was invested in Nazi front organizations around the world after the war, particularly in South America according to Mattern and Friedrich. It is not known how much harm has been inflicted on the allies since the war by Nazi UFO occupants flying out of their base in Antarctica, which was colonized by some of the 250,000 Nazis who escaped from Germany before the war ended, having made their polar base operational well in advance. However they do have scalar weapons which makes anything or anyone an easy target. There may still be an ongoing war between the Nazis residing in secret bases in Antarctica and South America, and the Russians, (who now have hundreds of cosmospheres) as well as against other former ally enemies. The plans of the Russians are often known because of double agents, defectors, spies, surveillance and observation by the public of their attack signatures.


According to the ‘Fire From The Sky’ files, the space shuttle program went into secrecy, not only to foil the Russian attacks, but because the Rockefeller cartel (who supported the Russian non Bolshevik government at the time), would tell the Russians what the present US govt. was planning against them. They wanted peace to keep their business assets intact. The Bolsheviks had been put in power in Russia by the Rockefeller cartel in 1917, and when they were removed they’d come to America and Reagan had included them in his government as the Bolshevik-Zionist alliance. By the last half of 1980 they began to regain power in Russia so the decision was made to go ahead with the space shuttle mission. The American Bolsheviks were thrown out of Russia but intended to take back Russia, by destroying the present Russian government so America was to be sacrified to achieve this and a nuclear attack on Russia was planned to destroy their military facilities in Siberia. Meanwhile, the Russians kept on attacking anything the U.S. shot up into space, to dominate the upper atmosphere themselves. US military planners (under the control of former Russian Bolsheviks) ousted by Glastnost, didn’t realize just what weapons and spacecraft the Russians had until they themselves tried to master space. For four years from 1977 to 1981, anything America sent to space was shot down and an elaborate fake replica of what should have been was shown to the world. America finally reached space in 1981 due to having developed their own beam weapons, as dangerous as the ones Russians had used against them from their cloaked cosmospheres high up in space. In 1977 the Bolsheviks had strategic positions within the US government, replacing the Rockefeller cartel in many areas of power. The Bolsheviks were Zionists and in league with Israel, with headquarters in both New York and Jerusalem.


A replica of the space shuttles that supposedly, had gone into space was created inside a modified NASA 747, complete with floating notebook. Everyone believed this simulation and each time a shuttle was launched, out came the simulated film, which was reused. However the actual shuttles never came down unscathed, only as wreckage. Eisenhower sent more than twenty U-2 spy flights over Russia between 1957-1960 and the airforce reported that the Russians would have 1000 ICBMs by 1961. The Russian Sputnik satellite was launched on Oct 4 1957. The US satellites in the 1960s and 1970s were also used to observe flying saucers. During 1977, Russian cosmospheres just swept the sky clear of US spy satellites and made enormous ‘air booms’ along both coasts of US and inland, to demonstrate they ruled space, and nobody could stop them doing what they wanted, frightening thousands. The American authorities explained away the ‘air booms’, by saying it was the sonic aircraft Concorde, but actually it was the Russians high up in space shooting particle beam weapons in defocused mode. Almost daily airquakes were heard in areas such as airforce bases and other military installations. In 1977 seven cosmospheres hovered over America, but months later hundreds followed. It is not known if any were Nazi UFOs leaving from Antarctica, as the ‘Fire From the Sky’ files haven’t covered this aspect, but the anonymous author was familiar with the Russian cosmosphere activities which created airquakes. Between Dec 1977 and June 1978, 594 airquakes of major impact occurred and UFO sightings mushroomed. However some sonic quakes over southern California have been traced to the ultra secret Aurora craft going to Groom Lake, Nevada from Pine Gap, Australia and also ‘real’ UFOs have also shown up where cosmospheres congregate. The Russians had a sophisticated stealth cloaking system, but the extra-terrestials neutralized this to show their presence, sometimes so people would see the Russian cosmospheres and wake up to reality. Alien craft have strobing colored lights of green, yellow and blue, whereas the cosmospheres don’t strobe and are positioned high up to appear as stars.


The cosmospheres hover in the earth’s electrostatic field, and they aimed their particle beam weapons with a combination of infrared detection and radar. The Americans on learning this decided to block their sensing systems and disturb them from their hovering position, so they couldn’t aim their particle beam weapons when they launched their rockets. Working overtime they designed a cobalt ionization bomb, which created tremendous quantities of totally ionized cobalt atoms stripped of their electrons, leaving bare nuclei detonated at various upper fringes of the atmosphere as high as possible but below the hovering altitude of the cosmospheres. This would make an enormous storm of electrons spread horizontally in the earth’s magnetic field underneath the cosmospheres. This would be coupled with ground based high-powered lasers. However the Russians had another aiming device which was based on the actual atomic signature of the target and normal jamming had no effect.


On April 12 1981, the COLUMBIA space shuttle was supposed to get into orbit and deploy a military satellite. Two days later they were going to land another shuttle as a staged drama pretending it was the Columbia. Every American spy satellite launched in the last three years had been shot down or blinded before gathering much data. The shuttle COLUMBIA was intended to fly over Russia’s particle beam facilities and cosmodromes with the spy satellite still on board, sending the data back. According to the’ Fire From The Sky’ author, there are more KGB agents in the CIA than loyal Americans and the plans to attack Russia were given to the Russians beforehand.

In the article ‘The CIA, UFOs, MJ-12, JFK & James Jesus Angleton’ by Timothy S. Cooper, he writes: "The shocking truth of the Soviet atomic weapons espionage program, Enormous, dealt a tremendous blow to US and British security when it was learned that British diplomats operating within the US State Department, as well as US Army technicians at Los Alamos National Laboratories, had not only supplied blueprints and materials for the atomic bomb to their KGB handlers in New York, but had stolen the proposed plans for the hydrogen bomb as well. Security officials were left guessing as at what else the Soviet spies had stolen from under their noses." The ‘Fire From The Sky’ author continues saying Russia’s goal was to shut down the space shuttle program. They shot down a high flying U-2 spying over Russia in 1960. President Eisenhower and Khruschev met to discuss this. Russia said they would shoot down Columbia if it flew over Russia and put it on public display together with its nuclear powered laser firing spy satellite. The third generation cosmospheres were the tool for this. They were massive and called "Super Heavies" or jumbo cosmospheres. By 1980/81the Russians had built seven of them, bigger than the zeppelins of the 1930s. They would carry a payload of more than 50 tons, far more than the space shuttle, plus electromagnetic propulsion which could take them to orbital speed. They were in effect, Russia’s space shuttles. Five jumbo cosmospheres were fitted with grappling equipment to seize a large object in space and the other two with neutron particle beam weapons. They fired at the COLUMBIA at point blank range, (just to disable it) as they wanted the shuttle’s back-up computer to fly it over Russia so they could capture it, supporting their claim that it was being used for espionage. Heat sensors on the shuttle programmed it to self destruct if attacked and blow the shuttle to bits. It ended up strewn over Russia for about 75 miles


There would be no TV coverage, except the liftoff. April 12 1981 was twenty years since the first manned flight into space. Another ‘fake’ COLUMBIA was landed by the Americans and nobody knew... According to ‘Fire From The Sky’ clones of the two crew (produced at Dulce, NM, underground military/alien installation) were put in the replacement shuttle to greet the cheering crowds. (NOTE: Another part of the US government, acting separately had established an alien alliance with the dimitutive greys and reptoids during this time. Genetic engineering was being done, however that was operating separately from the shuttle space program. Cloning factories underground are now all over the U.S. and the alien alliances are stronger than ever. All sorts of replacement humans are produced now underground in the U.S. - synthetics, androids, clones which take a year to grow in tanks, and even soul replacement can be engineered with technology).Three more identical shuttles were in storage for ‘supposed’ landings. A new launch was planned for March 1982 and the shuttle armed for battle in space. The U.S. Bolshevik government planners refused to understand what they were up against. Russia had taken cosmonauts from seven other countries, while America couldn’t even get up to space with their shuttles. Everyone was told that America was five to ten years ahead of the Russians in spaceflight. It was a lie regarding the space shuttles, but covertly with the help of former Nazi engineers at Area 51, military installation in Nevada and various alien/American alliances underground at multiple installations, Amerca’s own anti-grav saucers were progressing as well. However the space shuttle program also had its fair share of former Nazi scientists to help that get off the ground, with many rocket scientists being taken to the U.S. after the war. Some figures give as amany as 5,000 ‘useful’ Nazis were taken to U.S.A after the war.


‘Fire FromThe Sky’ claims on April 9 1981, an American submarine sank a small Japanese freighter, supposedly by ramming it and left the scene without rescuing survivors and didn’t admit the incident until 36 hrs later, reporting it as 3 1/3 miles away from where it happened. American naval vessels deliberately ripped Japanese fishing nets to ribbons and ships with nuclear weapons visited Japanese ports in secret, though they were banned. An attempt was made to pressure the Japanese because of Nazi counterfeit money coming from South America and Antarctica. The Nazis had made Jewish forgers produce American dollars and British five pound notes so perfectly that banks couldn’t detect it! The World Monetary Fund in Switzerland found about 15 billion dollars in circulation which shouldn’t exist. US had a balance of payments crisis which also couldn’t be accounted for. Prime Minister Ohira was under pressure from the Bolsheviks to re-arm and become the policemen of the western Pacific, and he was ready to go along with it despite warnings from Russia not to. Ohira died ‘suddenly’ and U.S. Bolsheviks wanted his replacement Suzuki out of office, as he wouldn’t re-arm. So America created incidents, which created loss of face for Japan, especially Suzuki. (a painful malady for Orientals) He had to prepare for war to get along with Washington otherwise the Reagan administration was going to sell its most sophisticated weapons to Red China. The space shuttle was necessary to obtain spy data on Russia, to be able to destroy their weapons and cosmosphere bases. China was instrumental in this plan, to allow the U.S. a base from which to attack Siberia with nuclear bombs. The situation was desperate. On May 6 1981 an EC-135ns modified military Boeing 707 used for tracking Russian satellites, was shot down on a routine flight by a cosmosphere above it using a charged particle beam weapon. The particle beams are so exacting that they can shoot a jet turbine engine in flight. On 26 May 1981, Russia shot down another highly sophisticated electronic warfare jet, an EA-6B Prowler. Just before it landed on a nuclear supercarrier ship, a jumbo cosmosphere shot at it with a neutron particle beam weapon. It crashed into a deck full of aircraft killing fourteen, and injuring forty-eight. Twenty aircraft were destroyed or damaged. It was the navy’s worst flight deck disaster since the 1950’s according to‘Fire From The Sky’.


The capabilities of the next shuttle ‘ENTERPRISE’ were not publicly disclosed. On Nov 12 1981, the second space shuttle launch took place in Florida. Mission Control deliberately cut the trip short after seven hours, pretending a faulty fuel cell was responsible. It was on a military mission. The Enterprise itself was turned into a spy satellite. It would be four years since Russia using her ‘killer satellites’ had destroyed all of America’s spy satellites. The spy satellite in the shuttle was made of tungsten, (able to withstand incredible heat) layers of this were placed around a central core. It was 30ft long and 20ft wide, and supposed to survive a particle beam attack, which would be notified by sensors to fire in the direction of the attack with a giant carbon dioxide gas dynamic blaster. The Americans knew that the shuttle could probably outrun the first generation cosmospheres, however they still didn’t know about the jumbo cosmospheres, which had destroyed the COLUMBIA shuttle launched in April 1981. Now there were about eight or nine jumbos and these could outrun this shuttle. The ENTERPRISE took off unmanned and when it passed Russia it was to be upside down with the spy camera capturing Russia’s military installations. Five jumbo cosmospheres followed it along with some alien craft. For two years Russia had been preparing a new anti-ballistic missile system with underground shelters installed for the citizens. This was based on charged particle beam weapons fired from modified supersonic TU-144 jet transports. On Nov 12 1981 a squadron of TU-144s were scrambled to intercept and shoot down the Enterprise as a practise target. The big jets fired upwards with the beam weapons blasting through the midsection of the shuttle breaking it in half. Identical fake films of the crew on board were prepared, even reusing the old previous ‘fake’ film from the last launch wich was actually shot from inside a jumbo jet replaying the long distance scenes and redoing the narrative. A substitute shuttle from White Sands military base ‘landed’.


In Jan 1982, Russia renewed geophysical warfare with weather modification and artificial earthquakes. Parts of Canada suffered extreme blizzard conditions calling for a national emergency. Cosmospheres were all over US, continuously patrolling strategic target areas. Until 1981 it was impossible to even detect their presence overhead, being invisible to normal radar, except at close range. However late 1981 saw the development of ‘computer enhanced infrared’ which detected heat radiation from the cosmospheres. On Jan 12 1982, this was aimed at a cosmosphere above central New Jersey. Aim was secured and the laser was fired with a section of the cosmosphere erupting into blue-green flames. As they were under orders NEVER to let one fall into non-Russian hands they made for the sea. It had been 40 miles up, but the damaged cosmosphere plunged into the sea a few miles offshore. It floated in the sea for 10 minutes, burning and seen by many witnesses. The Kremlin sent a message that they would pay dearly if repeated. The next day Jan 13 1982 an Air Florida Boeing 737 jetliner with laser warfare specialists onboard crashed in Washington DC, plunging into a crowded bridge. 74 people died. Then a string of crashes and near crashes occurred. All four air force Thunderbird demonstration jets were made to crash. A Boeing 737 in California dropped from its flight path inexplicably, seemingly without cause narrowly missing disaster. A Japan Airlines DC-8 crashed into Tokyo Bay on Feb 9th 1982 on a perfect day, with no mechanical problems. The pilot said he blacked out and the co-pilot said he felt ‘woozy’. This may have been done with scalar weapons or neutron beams which disrupt electronic instruments and the mental and nervous systems of people. Suddenly there was a release of information regarding UFOs and the cover-ups of alien visitors.


U.S. space shuttle 3 was scheduled for Mar 22 1982. According to ‘Fire From The Sky’ there had been a Russian outpost on the Moon’s surface since mid Oct 1977. Russia had installed eight manned long range particle beam facilities. Regular missions from Russia supplied the bases and rotated crews. Russia dropped hints that they’d had frequent trips to the moon in the Feb 1982 issue of Soviet Life circulating in the U.S. They included a photo of earth from the moon. They intended to colonize the solar system next. On Oct 30 and Nov 4 1981, Russia sent two spacecraft to Venus with men onboard, sending streams of reports back and settling there first. They initially sent an unmanned craft there in 1975. From 1978 they began long-duration manned orbital space flights to see how people would stand up to interplanetary space travel. They expected to land on Venus in early 1982. The Russians had an urge to explore far flung space carrying on the Viking spirit of their ancestors. America was told that the shuttle was civilian, but it was military. The third shuttle to go up had hydrogen flouride gas dynamic lasers installed with swiveling heads. This was intended to protect the shuttle as it launched into orbit. Since a laser shot down a cosmosphere in Jan 1982, they assumed that it would reach orbit safely. The Russian killer satellites had swept the skies clear of US spy satellites already. The crew wore spacesuits because the cabin wouldn’t be pressurized due to the complex laser system which would emerge, with the ability to fire in any direction. The nose had a nuclear helium plasma laser with five resonators and it was programmed to keep zapping any Russian killer satellites and cosmospheres that came within range. The American Bolsheviks hoped that the Russians would lose a lot of cosmospheres and crew before it stopped zapping them. A spy satellite was to be deployed with the crew returning in a small Gemini type re-entry capsule and the shuttle staying up in space. On June 27 1982 millions of Americans watched spaceshuttle 4 launch. A jumbo cosmosphere fired only two quick shots at the falling boosters. The Russians intended to allow the U.S. government to save face to use this to their advantage in the coming years. Next came the Aeroflot crash in Moscow followed by a reprisal of a Pan Am jet crashing in New Orleans killing 153. The ‘Fire From The Sky’ author claims also that as far back as 1977 America was warned that the Russians had planted nuclear bombs in dams around the U.S. The devices are still there, able to be detonated by triggers. It is claimed the Russians themselves announced this to the U.S. government. (The top Russian defector Col. Lunev also claimed that about seventy-four suitcase nuclear weapons had been placed in U.S. cities, which could be detonated by remote control. His writings can be found on, though some say it is disinformation)


On July 15 1982 Colorado was reeling from rainstorms created by Russian weather modification. A low yield underwater mine was detonated at the base of the Lawn Lake Dam. It was destroyed instantly, by the explosion. On July 16 1982 a United Airlines DC-10 left Boston carrying certain key members of the Bolshevik ruling group in America. A cosmosphere shot a charged particle beam across the bow of the plane in defocused mode making a violent air blast. The plane jolted down dramatically and several got hurt seriously. A shot across the bow is a military message which means: ‘Halt immediately or you will be destroyed.’ On July 22 1982 the test flight of a new Pershing-2 nuclear missile was bathed in neutron radiation from a cosmosphere. The guidance system went crazy, and it had to be self destructed. The American Bolshevik-Zionists in power and Israeli military planners intended to nuke Russia in mid-September 1982. They wanted war in the mid-east first to engulf the superpowers. An American first strike was intended towards Russia, only it was initiated by US nuking itself, with a electromagnetic pulse and then to ‘retaliate’ get Russia. Warheads on high speed missiles would be launched from various locations around U.S. creating a violent EMP (electromagentic pulse) episode. Then the strategic nuclear forces would retaliate against the culprit, Russia. Two high ranking Soviet generals were spirited out of Russia and brought to Washington. Those two men were Bolshevik moles in Russia's military apparatus, whom their new non-Bolshevik rulers failed to detect and weed out. They brought with them a wealth of data about Russia's current military posture. U.S. now had enough information and wanted to strike while the inside data was fresh.


The ‘Fire From The Sky ‘author writes: "In early 1982 there was a tremendous hidden struggle for power that was dividing the US government. On one side were the American Bolsheviks whose chief government operative was Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger [half Jewish]. On the other side was the Rockefeller cartel whose chief government spokesman was Secretary of State Alexander Haig. Weinberger and Haig were constantly at each other's throats in the news, and worse, in private. Caught in the middle was the puppet, President Reagan. Reagan was installed by the Rockefeller cartel but came to be largely under Bolshevik control after the assassination ‘attempt’ in March of 1981. By February of 1982 the American military was dominated by the Bolsheviks, but that had not always been so...The Rockefeller cartel could not afford to let their Bolshevik enemies succeed in setting off nuclear war; therefore, the military coup must take place before the American Bolshevik surprise [nuclear] attack against Russia. If possible, the coup would be carried out before the fourth Space Shuttle flight planned for the summer of 1982, because the war was scheduled immediately following that flight. The Reagan-Begin Axis, in cahoots with their Zionist partners in Israel, were going all out to try to start a nuclear war."


America developed the ‘stealth’ fighter plane, by finishing off Einstein’s relativity work by Cray Computer and so they now had invisibility technology. They were called ‘Phantom’ war planes and would carry special electromagnetic gear. They carried superconducting magnets which were maintained at temperatures close to absolute zero. The cryogenic equipment creates an enormously powerful electromagnetic field around the aircraft. The field is designed according to the principles of Einstein's ‘Unified Field Theory.’ A similar work was being undertaken during the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943, to make the warship ‘The Eldridge’ invisible using magnets, however they were too powerful and ripped the ship into hyperspace, for a duration of four hours, after which it materialized having been at Norfolk ,VA, 400 miles away. (However there was much more to that incident and Vols. 1 and 2 of THE UNIVERSAL SEDUCTION series contains the full story.) Einstein himself was involved in that project. Strangely enough Dr John von Neuman (also involved in the Philadelphia Experiment) had to invent the computer to finish his equations to continue his work after the 1943 warship invisibility disaster, and thanks to the computer, the U.S. was now ready to nuke Russia invisibly. Einstein never finished his work, but many others have continued with it manually, including Bruce Cathie, who through his mathematics found out how time operated, where is exists and how it can be measured. It’s all a matter of varyingly sized waves he said, which go at different speeds in relation to each other. Time is just one expression of a particular wavelength frequency and can be manipulated he claimed.


Phantom planes up close can be dimly detected while farther away they are totally invisible. Many "UFO" sightings are blurry because of this cloaking field. Radar behaves the same way as light, it just has a different wavelength, so Phantom planes are invisible to both light and radar and as a laser is just a light, they should be totally immune to cosmosphere laser attacks hoped the Americans. The Russians saw through these fields using though, with sophisticated infrared beam detectors. The invisibility field also would give protection against the Russian particle beam system in tracking ability, but the plan backfired because the Russians had already developed anti-invisible shield technology. However the charged particle beam was no match for the light-deflecting shield so the only hope was it would miss the target. Though the Russians also had pulsed neutron beams, which would penetrate the invisibility shield, but the Americans thought that they could shield against it with very sophisticated shielding, in order to prevent derangement of the electronic instruments as well. It was thought invulnerable to all of Russia's beam weapons which had made Russia lord it over the U.S. since late 1977, attacking anything she sent into space. The U.S. was desperate to get spy data first from space since the Russians shot down all their satellites and shuttles, except the last one. The first two shuttle flights didn’t succeed but on March 22 1982 Shuttle COLUMBIA No. 3 was more successful with the deployment of the superspy satellite able to send pictures back. The crew even managed to stay alive and return back with the usual re-entry from the sky again, using another spare shuttle from the White Sands collection. COLUMBIA 3 was secretly left in space while the crew used a small Gemini type capsule for splashdown.


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