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More in-depth material. A focus falls on alien abuctees; many of their stories have never before been published. Scalar weapons data is a mind-boggler as is the total mind control info. "Other Worldly Creatures" (Bigfoot et al) and unbelievable secret weaponry. A surreal NJ vortex with interdimensional pics is presented, plus a captive Gov't. Scientist reveals all. Mormonism is exposed and reincarnation is addressed. This is a truthful "X-files" Extravaganza.

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Excerpt from
By Nicola Molloy

Stewart Swerdlow is a very intriguing man who claims a strange birth origin. He says his origin is from aliens placing him in his mother Eleanor’s womb. But even before this stranger events may have occured. He claims he was previously a Nazi and his soul was transplanted into the baby of an American-Russian-Jew. From then on life was hard, aliens continually abducted him and took him off planet to a space station where he communed with various alien species of which he claims his body is a composite. After this Swerdlow says he ended up in a secret govt. project in Montauk, NY where he was mind controlled and became a super psychic. He now uses his powers to direct people’s lives.

At approximately age six, he remembers being transported to an alien space station outside the earth where he interfaced with the various alien species from which he claims he was created. With his gifts, he has discovered an interdimensional language---that which can be used in communication with intergalactic, conscious beings. In this interview, he reveals information about the different alien species in relation to their plans for us here on earth.

Born in Long Island, New York on Nov 5, 1956 with a stellium in Scorpio, he emerged through a doctor created surgical canal. The doctors were puzzled about how he was conceived, because his mother strangely never had a birth canal.

Swerdlow recalls encounters with non-humanoid alien beings from an early age. His great uncle was Yakov Sverdlow, the first president of the Soviet Union and this he says made him a target of the ‘Illuminati’. I rang him and spoke for about two hours. He had a pleasant rich voice and was easy-going, patient, and well mannered. But I almost cancelled our interview as I felt unwell, and emailed him to ask if could we speak later. Then suddenly I miraculously revived and never felt better in my life. The first thing I asked was if he’d sent me healing and he said yes, which gave me an insight into his powers.

Swerdlow revealed ‘while in high school he was abducted from his bed at night by what he initially believed were extra-terrestrials and taken to a secret underground base on Long Island, NY. Here Nazi mind control experiments were done by military officials under the guise of being done by ETs’.

But according to him these people started messing with him even before he was born and were controlling him then. He says before he was born, he was the Nazi Johannes Von Gruber of the Third Reich who came to America and took part in the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943. This experiment (documented by others) involved placing magnets around a warship, the USS Eldrige, to make it invisible to radar. It is believed by some that this warship, which disappeared briefly, was sucked into hyperspace, seen 400 miles away momentarily in Norfolk, Virginia, and then returned to its original spot on the Philadelphia dock. It allegedly returned to its original position in time, 1943.

Those who claim to be involved say unfortunately during this some of crew were partially imbedded in the steel when the ship rematerialized back to 1943. Over the years further claims have been added which include multiple timelines at work, which have produced variations on what actually happened due to different outcomes from that moment in apparent different naturally occuring variations of our reality. (These multiple realities were previously unknown before the Philadelphia Experiment happened) Insiders involved at Montauk claim through alien-govt. secret projects (involving Nazis brought over from Germany after WW2 and who had experience with alien technology through a partnership with them), time travel technology and soul transfer is now in operation. Along with experiments producing severe trauma in victims to awaken dormant genes creating ‘supermen’ who manifest major psychic powers. This may involve materializing objects, advanced remote viewing or mentally creating time portals for travel to other times and places-- even off planet.

Swerdlow alleges he was also on the USS Eldridge in 1943 in a previous life as a Nazi. But his outcome was different to what another alleged Eldridge crew member Al Bielek claims happened. (Which was jumping off while it was in ‘hyperspace’ and landing at the Montauk secret underground base operating in 1983.) Swerdlow says he jumped off also while the ship was in hyperspace, but instead landed on the ground in 1960 at an undisclosed US underground installation. Al Bielek claims he was met by a 40 year older John von Neumann, previously involved in the original Philadelphia Experiment. Bielek claims ET technology now used at Montauk allegedly teleported him back to 1943. However Swerdlow alleges something completely different happened to him and says two large black-eyed gray aliens and an American military person greeted him. After which he was taken to meet a fellow German there who had technology to place his soul of into another body.

We don’t know what technology the aliens use, which is thousands of years ahead, but there are first hand reports from people who have been abducted by ETs, taken to other planets and replaced back to the time they left. More and more whistleblowers are braving up and giving details about soul transfer technology they have been subject to going on at secret underground military locations and the truth defies belief. Eve Lorgen has interviewed some. There are other interviews of insiders involved in secret operations on

Swerdlow still claims to recall a few details.

“It was Montauk, but I didn’t know it then. There was a vast subterranean area filled with water. The walls were like a gray stone. There were submarine docks because you could only get into it from underwater . . . very strange, damp and dingy looking. I went through an electromagnetic vortex and I literally felt my feet touch the ground. I didn’t know where I was. I think someone was playing the part of a German for my benefit, so I’d go along with the program e.g., telling me the war was lost and my family was gone, etc. . . .so I’d want to die. They killed me; they literally captured the soul personality of Johannes Von Gruber.

According to Swerdlow he was then ‘strapped into a chair and zapped with electricity by a seven foot, thin, white being with large blue eyes and a pointed chin. He reviewed that Nazi life and past lives with angelic beings’. He claims after this his soul was placed into the newborn of a Russian-Jewish American family’.

“There was literally a program going on where they captured some soul personalities and placed them in families where they’d never be suspected or believed. Today, some are beginning to remember who they were. Many Nazis were placed into new bodies, and I’m now meeting some of these people. Not all are in Jewish bodies, just a percentage. They’ve had this technology for a very long time and they use it for themselves. The Royal Family of Britain also uses it for them[selves]. They feign their deaths, then their soul personalities slip into their own descendants. They have amazing technology.

“The beings from the Rigel Star System use it a lot. They clone a lot of bodies and capture soul personalities to then insert into these cloned entities. In actuality, any species can use it. This is Sirius A technology.

Swerdlow claims as a child, he was plagued with nightmares, ringing in the ears, flashes of color and images of the future. I asked him if normal childhood growth occurred for him.

“It’s true for me, except I was kundalini activated at birth, supercharged. If you take a soul personality and force it into a body, it causes kundalini activation because it affects all of the chakras.

(The kundalini spirit fire is an electrical force, which rises up our spinal cord. As we become more spiritual it moves towards the brain. As it rises ductless glands become charged and their spinning energy centers--‘chakras’ open. Enlightenment is the final goal when the chakra representing the pineal gland opens at the crown.)

“So many of these bodies must be mind controlled in order to function properly, otherwise they would be insane. My body was genetically created and manipulated. They downloaded programs into the cellular structure and brain so that they could control me at will, ensuring that that I would not be a wild card.

Swerdlow says as a child real alien beings even pursued him in his nightmares and after abducting and examining him, they force fed him with vast amounts of information.

“They made me think I was different, special, and they also told me I was part of a vast intergalactic empire. So, a lot of what they told me differed from what the government had told me later in life as an adult. I believe they told me this was because a child can’t handle information with as much complexity as an adult.

In his childhood Swerdlow claims he was abducted by small beings wearing dark body suits, with some of these abductions hyperspace experiences, or nonphysical. However, the US government instigated other abductionss.They performed painful tests on his body, which he claims is actually a genetic composite of twenty-two alien species, including marine origins. I inquired if his soul was human.

“This is an interesting question because there is more than one soul personality in here. I’d have to answer no, because there are three separate personalities of the same oversoul that animate this particular body. My mother may have been abducted and my fetus placed in utero by the joint government/alien co-op program. The proof was that she actually had no birth canal---I’m implanted.

“Before I could be born, they had to do surgery to create a birth canal. Cesarean sections were not prevalent until the 1970s. Plus, she still needed a birth canal! When they noticed this, they took her to an unopened wing of the hospital where a traveling surgeon from Texas, a specialist, did the surgery. She was told she was lucky he had been there.

“In order to have some semblance of resemblance to the parents, they used masked characteristics of the genetics. I don’t resemble my parents. I also have an extra vertebra in my neck and back; I have less teeth than normal. A hospital also told me I shouldn’t be alive because I have Spina Bifida, however, the skin covered it up. Had I been born without the skin covering, I would have been dead.

According to Swerdlow as a child he was abducted to places beyond earth where he encountered humans in dark blue uniforms without any identifying insignia. Did these have any relation to the military abductions as written by Helmet Lammer in his work called ‘MILABS’?(Ed note: This is a piece whereas author Lammer purports that the US military has been engaged in their own abduction program, blaming it on extra-terrestrial abductors).

“Yes the places I was taken to were military installations, but I was also told that there has been many humans from earth sent to colonies. In addition---within the next ten to fifteen years---they will be reducing the population of the earth by sending vast quantities of people to other planets, even to planets of our own solar system.

“Jupiter is becoming a second sun and will heat up the frozen moons of Jupiter and Saturn whereas they will become earth-like. These moons have been compared to earth in size. They will terraform them so they can be colonized.

I mentioned Dr. Richard Boylan wrote of a secret space station positioned in orbit for 30 years, manned by both Americans and Russians. There is also evidence of a US military, interstellar, spaceship called ‘Starfleet International’, covered in the book ‘Secrets of the Mojave’ by Branton.

“Yes, it has to do with the hybrid versus the original reptilians. The hybrid is a 50/50 combination, both reptilian and human. These are the shape shifters, e.g. the British royalty et al. All of the planet’s thirteen ruling families can perform this feat, most of them coming from royalty---the Stewarts, Bruces, etc. All the people who are allowed to go off world are blue-eyed blondes. It is thought that the reptilians easily control this particular mixture. The blood types of A neg. or AB neg. seem to be the one they readily choose. Most Pleiadian information is false; we have to be careful as we sift through that data because the government uses the Pleiadian factor as disinformation.

At age six, Swerdlow claims he found himself on board a small spacecraft where he was taken to a gigantic dark, metallic platform, floating in space. Earth was in view, and many kinds of spaceships were also there. Every type of being imaginable was inside the living space of the platform. I asked him if he knew anything more about two space stations positioned just beyond earth, one a US/Russian joint station, and the other attached to the ‘Federation of Planets’ for this galaxy others have spoken of.

“Yes, ‘The Federation of Planets’ is actually a support system for the refugees of the Lyrean civilization; the Lyreans were attacked and destroyed by the reptilians. This is when the Lyreans colonized all the other star systems and also when the reptilians came after them in battle.”

Some whistleblowers (some involved) have claimed aliens are involved with a US government secret space travel program. Are the Illuminati, (global government controllers), The Bilderbergers and Freemasons in league with beings from Sirius?

“The reptilians and draconians and their allies---from the Draco star system---are in collusion with the Illuminati. The technology is from Sirius A---there are no reptilians in the Sirius system. Again, the reptilians originate from the Draco and Orion star system. However, the Sirians are their allies, described as tall humanoids, seven feet in height, with white skin, very blue eyes, no hair, long pointy noses, and large pointed ears. The earthly Illuminati are direct descendants of the reptilians. Incidentally, in the Pleiaides system, there are seven stars and sixteen different civilizations.

According to an insider, it is believed that the Hubble telescope can see a flotilla of Sirian military spaceships headed to earth, to arrive soon. If this is true could they be trying to reclaim total dominance over earth from a previous lordship of it? Is there is a reason why the US government has formed an underground alliance with reptilians? Branton (Bruce Walton) says reptilians have the DNA of a two-legged earth saurian, claiming earth as their original home. Swerdlow thinks differently.

“There is a lot of that information out there already; however, they create holographic spaceships that aren’t there. NASA’S ‘Blue Beam Project’ can create holograms to stage an invasion. The purpose of this is to create the ‘One World Government.’ The much-heralded second coming, under the guise of Maitreya, is only a computer program beamed by satellite. I don’t think we will be invaded. It is just more government disinformation, convincing us to accept the ETs as saviors. So much of this is merely generated by government computer programs.

Swerdlow claims his soul-personality was from Sirius. Is he still in touch?

“I don’t travel back to Sirius anymore. I connect to my oversoul to get my own information and this is what everyone should do. All oversoul are in hyperspace in God-Mind. To explain God-Mind---this is the sum total of all energy and mind-patterns that exist, all under one intelligence.

On the alien space station Swerdlow was taken to he said ‘many different species communicated with him telepathically. A reptilian defector from its local council said its species invaded earth thousands of years ago and they now live underground and another ship is destined to arrive to invade earth’.

The rest of the interview is in Volume one of THE UNIVERSAL SEDUCTION BOOK SERIES

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