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                        RATING THE LIST

For a bit of fun, and for those who might be interest to see my own ranking of the places I've recommended, refer to the list below. It's not written in stone and is subject to change without notice - any one of the top 5 or 6 are practically interchangeable, so just accept the ranking as a loose order of merit.

When visiting these places please bear in mind that the distances in between can be enormous, so plan for plenty of drive time or if you have the money fly between the capitols. Please also remember that Australia is a very sparsely populated nation with refueling facilities that can be few and far between once you're out in the country, so make sure you always plan well ahead, and if you're going out to remote areas take containers of spare fuel with you - and plenty of water! The water situation is no joke, every few years the papers are full of headlines regarding tourists who've headed out bush on isolated tracks, developed mechanical problems on their vehicles, and consequently died trying to walk back to civilization in the heat. Always, when heading out to remote areas, make sure that friends or the authorities know where you're going and when you plan to arrive.

                                  Ranking my top 16

                                    1)    The Franklin River
                                    2)    The Kimberley
                                    3)    Kakadu
                                    4)    Kangaroo island
                                    5)    Cape York peninsula
                                    6)    Cairns (Barrier reef)
                                    7)    Uluru
                                    8)    Fraser island
                                    9)    Katherine Gorge
                                    10)  The Blue mountains
                                    11)  Monkey Mia
                                    12)  Port Lincoln
                                    13)  Kanangra Walls
                                    14)  Jenolan Caves
                                    15)  The Great Ocean road
                                    16)  Sydney

                          And the rest

                                    17)  Lake Pedder
                                    18)  Myall Lakes
                                    19)  Wilpena Pound
                                    20)  The Whitsunday islands
                                    21)  Hawkesbury river
                                    22)  Murray river
                                    23)  Green Patch (Jervis bay)
                                    24)  The Pinnacles desert
                                    25)  Port Arthur
                                    26)  Alice Springs
                                    27)  The Glasshouse mountains
                                    28)  Mt. Wilson