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The Colts Influence
The Official - Non Official Indianapolis Colts Website

Colts Influence
The Official Unofficial Website of The Indianapolis Colts

THE Indianapolis Colts Fan Site


We publish NEWS almost every day about THE INDIANAPOLIS COLTS.

Colts news contains all of the headlines from around the internet and is updated frequently.
All news is gathered from reliable resources which would include,, Sports Illustrated,The Indianapolis Star and many others.
We supply the link so you don't have to do the searching.

We also provide you with a search engine designed to help you find what you're looking for within this site.
All text searched pertains to text being found within this Website.
If it's not here, it's not out there!

This website contains all the information that an Indianapolis Colts fan needs:

roster, schedule, game day previews and Recaps, photos, you can even upload photos of you and your Colts attire to appear on this site . . .
and a whole lot more.
Check out who is hurt from The Colts and the Opposing Team and learn who won't be playing in this weekends game at the Injury Report page.

NFL Rules, Terminology . . .


This site actually has other sites in association with the Colts which can be advertised on as well.

Colts Cheerleaders    Lucas Oil Stadium      Peyton Manning

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