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Incest: A Chilling Report

by Heidi Vanderbilt

Parts 1 & 4...originally published in Lear's Magazine, February 1992, 49-64

Copied from Annual Editions Reader: Deviant Behavior 96/97
Guilford, CT: Dushkin Publishing Group/Brown and Benchmark Publishers

Fair Use

This stunning and disturbing first hand account of incest is indeed a "chilling report." Of particular interest is the definition of incest used by Vanderbilt...its broadness is instructive (i.e. beyond "blood relations") and can also be used, I believe, outside the context of "sexual abuse." In other words, as a "social relation" (ala Weber...a manner or way of "orienting" to another or "taking them into account" in a particular way) it could very well describe many if not most hierarchial relations in our society.

Vanderbilt's definition, found on page 65, is as follows:

"What exactly is incest? The definition I use in this article is: any sexual abuse of a child by a relative or other person in a position of trust and authority over the child. It is the violation of the child where he or she lives--literally and metaphorically. A child molested by a stranger can run home for help and comfort. A victim of incest cannot."

These are jpg images of each page of Vanderbilt's article:

P. 64
P. 65
P. 66
P. 67
P. 68
P. 69
P. 70
P. 71
P. 72
P. 73
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