Space Room

With so many sites devoted to space, astronomy, and space exploration, I've been reluctant to create one more, especially one probably quite limited compared to many others. But I've finally convinced myself to do just that...having had some of the following links already in the Library. This Room won't try to be comprehensive...I can't match those sites that are...but rather, selective and well...personal, meaning things I find interesting and I like. I, of course, make no apologies for that. I hope you enjoy what I put here and maybe learn a bit, too. I'll also include articles. I may even wax poetic and provide commentary about all this from time to time...who knows.

Astronomy Picture of the Day
A daily dose of sights and information

Astronomy Picture of the Day ARCHIVE (1200+ pictures)

Exploring the Apollo Landing Sites

Understanding The Heart of Our Galaxy

Alpha Centauri
A Candidate for Terrestrial Planets And Intelligent Life

Proxima Centauri, the nearest star

International Space Station Overview
Science Fiction coming true...again!!

Solar System Simulator

Your Sky: Online Planetarium

The Best of the Hubble Space Telescope

NSSDC Space Gallery

Cosmic Mystery Tour

Pale Blue Dot
A truly humbling and sobering view of ourselves...with comment from Carl Sagan

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)
You can even help listen for it...if it's there, of course ;)

An Atlas of the Universe

Human Space Flight: NASA TV

NASA feed from United Space Alliance

United Space Alliance

Where is the International Space Station?
Live tracking of its location

TSS Directory