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If you're here, you know, of course, at least something about the Internet. You also probably know that since the invention of and widespread use of Television, there has been nothing quite so monumental than the spread of the Internet. But, there are so many questions about it...from how to use does it all does it go from name it. The following links are just a small sampling of information on and about the Internet...a selective listing of what I feel is some useful information. I've "lumped" together a few on the same general topic, but some stand on their own by themselves. I hope you enjoy them...if you know of any interesting sites about the Internet, don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks, David H. Kessel

Bibliography on evaluating internet resources
Tremendous source of information (under HELP)

Chapter One: Limits to Information
from...The Social Life of Information by John Seely Brown and Paul Duguid

Resources for Documenting Electronic Sources
Becoming more important all the time

ASA Format American Sociological Association
Scroll down for electronic formats

Google Directory: Computers > Internet > Statistics and Demographics
Series of very interesting links on a variety of issues

Quite a nice selection

Voice of the Shuttle: Cyberculture
Variety unlimited

Article by Allan Liska and Ilana Grune...1995

TSS Directory