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On Intellectual Craftsmanship

by C. Wright Mills

Fair Use

Mills wrote an Appendix in The Sociological Imagination, calling it "On Intellectual Craftsmanship." In this essay he kind of talks out loud about how he does things, offering advice to new and old sociologists, alike. He offers advice which corresponds to his own stance vis-a-vis "mainstream" sociological theory and methods...advice which I think is still sound today...some 40 years later. I have scanned the pages of this Appendix and present them here for consideration...under the Doctrine of Fair Use, as explained when you click on the "Fair Use" link above. It's presented here in 17 jpg images...with all but the first and last containing two pages each.

p. 195
pp 196-197
pp 198-199
pp 200-201
pp 202-203
pp 204-205
pp 206-207
pp 208-209
pp 210-211
pp 212-213
pp 214-215
pp 216-217
pp 218-219
pp 220-221
pp 222-223
pp 224-225
p. 226

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