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Dave Boyer, M.Ed, CADC1, LMFT

390 W 12th Ave., Suite 201

Eugene, OR 97401

Phone (541) 344-7088

Fax (888) 990-2234

I have been in private practice serving our community since earning my masters degree in marriage and family in 2001.  I became interested in helping others many years ago after surviving my own life challenges, and have been doing counseling in one form or another for the better part of 2 decades.

I grew up in Eugene back in a time that seemed magical and have been attempting to help people experience magic in their own lives  since entering this profession.

I am a husband, father, brother and friend and have had the privilege of being part of raising 5 children.  My favorite past-time is spending time, doing anything, with my lovely wife, Rose.

Growing up in this area, so close to the wilderness, I also have a love of the outdoors, hiking and camping, anything that will bring me closer to nature.

For most of my life I have had a love for music, playing drums since the age of 10, and still often playing shows around Oregon in a rock band.  

Later on in my evenings, you might find me lounging with a dog-eared copy of Lord of the Rings, or some other fantasy novel.

As a therapist, I invite transparency.  I feel clients need to know that their therapist is a real human being.

Your Therapist - Dave Boyer