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Dave Boyer, M.Ed, CADCI, LMFT

Rose Boyer, MS, CADCII

Professional Counselor Associate

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Seeds of Change Counseling Services has been providing individual, couple and family therapy to residents of Lane County since 2001, assisting clients in healing from trauma, anxiety, relationship distress, substance abuse/addiction/recovery related issues, life transition difficulties, and other life challenges. Through the years I have utilized both time-honored and cutting edge therapeutic methods, realizing that therapy must be tailored to each unique individual, couple, or family to be effective. Coming from a systems background, I view problems as being embedded within the context of family, community, employment, educational, legal and other systems - affecting and being influenced by each of these.

Having a personal understanding of addiction & recovery, I have deep compassion and familiarity in treating factors and issues related to each. I also served on the board of directors for a treatment facility for nearly a decade and taught counseling skills and family systems courses to aspiring counselors in the Substance Abuse Prevention Program (SAPP) at the University of Oregon for a decade as well.

I was so happy when my spouse and best friend in the world, Rose Boyer, Professional Counselor Associate, made the decision to join the practice in 2019.  Rose adds over a decade of intensive experience in the field of addiction treatment and related issues.  She also brings her own unique life experiences and a rich pallet of therapeutic techniques and modalities to her treatment of trauma, depression, anxiety, mood and addiction disorders.

Welcome with Warmest Regards,

Dave Boyer

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