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Dave Boyer, M.Ed, CADC1, LMFT

390 W 12th Ave., Suite 201

Eugene, OR 97401

Phone (541) 344-7088

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 I have been providing individual, couple and family therapy to residents of Lane County since 2001, assisting clients in healing from trauma, anxiety, relationship distress, substance abuse/addiction/recovery related issues, life transition difficulties, and other life challenges. I utilize both time-honored and cutting edge therapeutic methods, realizing that therapy must be tailored to each unique individual, couple, or family to be effective. Coming from a systems background, I view problems as being embedded within the context of family, community, employment, educational, legal and other systems - affecting and being influenced by each of these.

Having a personal understanding of addiction & recovery, I have deep compassion and familiarity in treating factors and issues related to each. I also served on the board of directors for a treatment facility for nearly a decade and taught counseling skills and family systems courses to aspiring counselors in the Substance Abuse Prevention Program (SAPP) at the University of Oregon for a decade as well.

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