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A Closer Look

In this section you'll be able to discover
many things in the Freaky Friday movie that
many people don't know!

Pink Slip stuff

Here we can see a sticker
in Anna's bedroom's wall
that says "Pink Slip", the
name of her band.
The same sticker from
another point of view.
Anna totally loves her band,
she even has a shirt with
their name!

There are 2 Pink Slip posters
around, one in Anna's room
<---- and another one in the
garage. ---->
Click here to see the poster

F.o.N. stuff

In the garage there are
many F.o.N. posters (I saw
4 but there might be more),
this is one of them.
Danny Rubin (Scott) is
part of F.o.N. (Freaks of
Two more F.o.N. posters
in the garage.
There is more F.o.N. stuff
around, like this sticker.

Other stuff

This curtain has the same
Freaky Friday background
colors (green and pink).

By Harry Coleman
Why My Big Sister's The

I think my sister is the best
sister in the world. Anna
plays the guitar and sings
in a band. She is as good
as any rock star you see on
tv. If she made a Cd she
would sell about ten million

She doesn’t like me very much
and she teases me a lot but
if I ever get in trouble she
would help me out.

My friends think…

A Battle for the Planet poster
on the garage's door.
Wonder what says in the directory?
1. Kitchen----9. Mr. Coo...
2. Office-----10.
3. Garage-----11.
4. Bathroom---12.
5. Hallway----13.
6. Bathroom---14.
7. Living PM--15.
8. Patio------16.

This is what Anna wrote (sort of)
in the notepad while in Tess'
office. ------>

As you can see Anna has
an Emily the Strange
poster in her room. To
learn more about Emily
the Strange visit her
Official Website
Marc McClure played Boris Harris,
Anna's love interest, in the original
1976 Freaky Friday movie. Now, in the
2003 version, he played a mailman named

There's a Seventeen (magazine)
cover in Anna's room!

Did you know that Mark S.
Waters (Freaky Friday's
director), directed a movie
called 'Warning: Parental
Advisory' in 2002?

Freaky Friday and Pink Slip belong to © Disney. All rights reserved.