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By Claude Debussy

VIDEO: Le Roux, Collette Alliot-Lugaz, Jose Van Dam, Gardiner conducting; Lyon, 1987; KUL [Kultur] 1409

AUDIO: A) CBS: George Shirley, Elisabeth Söderström, Boulez conducting

B) DECCA/LONDON -- LP only: Pierre Mollet, Suzanne Danco, Ansermet conducting; best conducted of all with an accomplished, but not consistently riveting, cast; mono [G.R.]

C) EMI: Richard Stilwell, Frederica von Stade; Von Karajan conducting; most beautifully sung of all with luxuriant conducting that can sometimes wear a bit thin; stereo [G.R.]

For Further Reading:

Claude Debussy : Pelleas et Melisande, by Roger Nichols, Richard Langham Smith (Cambridge Opera Handbook Series)

Pelleas and Melisande(Opera Guide No.__), by Claude Debussy

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