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--Standard Repertory--

By Ruggero Leoncavallo

VIDEO: A) Newly re-released video of Jon Vickers dir. Franco Zefirelli--c.1980. For some, Vickers' searing Canio is the whole show, as the visuals leave something to be desired-- sentiments expressed in a recent review in Opera News. I still have fond memories of this film from its first PBS showing many years ago, not just for Vickers' unique intensity but for the amazingly well-preserved Silvio of the middle-aged baritone, Rolando Panerai. This film is NOT to be confused with the Zefirelli-directed Pagliacci featuring Placido Domingo--not so exciting--nor the abridged Vickers telecast of 1955 opposite Likova. [G.R.]

B) Also, heavily adapted film from the thirties of the opera sung (and spoken) in English; features Austrian/British tenor Richard Tauber, arguably the most thoroughly accomplished tenor of this past century; he is riveting in this, the closest to any kind of document we have of Tauber in a complete performance of a familiar operatic role in the standard repertoire. Is available either on Lyric Distribution [Legato] or BCS [Bel Canto Society] [G.R.]

AUDIO: A) EMI: Giuseppe di Stefano, Maria Callas, Serafin conducting (1954); Mono

B-1) BONGIOVANNI: Antonio Paoli, Giuseppina Huguet, Sabajno conducting (supervised by the composer, Leoncavallo himself presided over this pioneering set using the primitive acoustic recording process [a recording horn, not an electronic microphone] in 1907); primitive Mono [G.R.]

B-2) VAI: Jon Vickers, Joan Carlyle, Bartoletti conducting ("live," Buenos Aires, 1968); Stereo

C) EMI: Franco Corelli, Lucine Amara, von Matacic conducting (1960); Stereo

D-1) MELODRAM / PHONOGRAPHE: Francesco Merli, Rosetta Pampanini, Molajoli conducting (1930); Mono

D-2) EMI: Beniamino Gigli, Iva Pacetti, Ghione conducting (1934); Mono

D-3) EMI: Jussi Bjoerling, Victoria de los Angeles, Cellini conducting (1953); Mono

D-4) DG: Carlo Bergonzi, Joan Carlyle, von Karajan conducting (1965); Stereo

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