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--Standard Repertory--

By Gaetano Donizetti

VIDEO: A) Joan Sutherland, Alfredo Kraus, Pablo Elvira, Bonynge conducting; [English subtitles; Metropolitan Opera, 1982] PAR 12508 PIO 23117 (LO); solid presentation, splendid sonics/visuals; some other interpretations show more imagination (see below) [G.R.]

B) Renata Scotto, Carlo Bergonzi, Zanasi, Bartoletti conducting; LEGATO LCV 003 [Japanese subtitles, 1967]; far superior performance to A, but Japanese subtitles and merely adequate sonics and visuals may limit its appeal (it shouldn't) [G.R.]

AUDIO: A) EMI: Maria Callas, Giuseppe Di Stefano, Rolando Panerai, von Karajan conducting; "live" at Berlin, 1955; heavily cut but a once-in-a-lifetime show; mono [G.R.]

B) DECCA/LONDON: Joan Sutherland, Luciano Pavarotti, Sherrill Milnes, Bonynge conducting; well- recorded studio effort with everyone in good voice; literally complete; stereo [G.R.]

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