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By Gaetano Donizetti

VIDEO: A) Cesare Valletti, Alda Noni, Renato Capecchi, Giuseppe Taddei, Rossi conducting, RAI production; Bel Canto Society (BCS)

B) Luciano Pavarotti, Kathleen Battle, Juan Pons, Enzo Dara, James Levine conducting, Metropolitan Opera Orch. & Chor. PGD [Polygram] 072532

AUDIO: A) DECCA/LONDON -- LP only (can't believe this mainline issue won't come out eventually on CD): Giuseppe Di Stefano, Hilde Gueden, Renato Capecchi, Fernando Corena, Molinari-Pradelli conducting; mono [G.R.]

B) DECCA/LONDON (appear to have cornered the market on this one): Luciano Pavarotti, Joan Sutherland, Dominic Cossa, Spiro Malas, Bonynge conducting; stereo

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