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(The Clemency of Titus)

By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

VIDEO: POLYGRAM:Dahlberg, Soldh, Poulson; Oestman conducting; Drottningholm, 1987; PGD [Polygram] 070 515 Beautifully mounted, sung, and filmed version of Mozart's final opera at the height of his powers. This version easily effaces its paltry video competition. Unfortunately, only available on Laserdisc for now. Someone may be able to make a good videotape copy at some point(?) [G.R.]

AUDIO: A) PHILIPS: Stuart Burrows, Yvonne Minton, Janet Baker, Colin Davis conducting; less lively than B, but more opulently sung -- a true artist in every role, with Burrows surprisingly involved and engaged in Tito's dilemma, in very good sound; Stereo [G.R.]

B) ARCHIV: Anthony Rolfe Johnson, Anne Sophie von Otter, Julia Varady, Gardiner conducting; in certain ways, its being taken from a series of "live" performances tells in its favor, but uneven comprimarios (for instance, a weak Publio) are liabilities; Stereo  [G.R.]

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