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Mini Petpets This site is in the middle of construction
P.S PLease note that this site contains images from neopets, I change and animate the images but they still belong to the one and only neopets. SOME little things ,however, like the adoptables under tinypetz are made by me.:-)

But its open, so feel free to take a look around, adopt things, use anything that is available right now.

bookmark this page to make it easier to come back and see the new stuff that comes out,


December 24,2002 Tuesday
___Sorry everybody for the no updates but I got some site problems that I need to work-out...and truth is that I got a little lazy :/ Well you probaly couldn't see the some of the images on the site and on your shop, the reason is because the site I used to host the images is down. I was kinda hoping they will open back up...but no such luck. This means that I'm gonna have to find another site to use to hold the images...*sigh* I'm sorry everybody for the trouble...


November 4,2002 Monday
___Heres a welcome sign, I would have made welcome signs long ago but I just couldn't make unique ones. I know these arn't exactly "unique", but I haven't updated in awhile and so....


October 31, 2002 Thursday


October 29, 2002 Tuesday
___Made a halloween MEERCA background, click the meerca to go to the page:


October 28, 2002 Monday

The small neobaby is fixed now...I think...

Thanks Lea!
Lol, you bring life to my guestbook! ^_^

___I just made a new page full of links to YOU! Well, not full yet, but it may be full soon ^_^

Click Here To Find Out More!

___I've made a nice looking new home button! Look to your left and you will see it, now you can just click that little house to return to this page : )

___As Requested:

Click the blumaroos!

___I've been thinking I should to the neopet tiled background section, so I've made 3 new halloween related backgrounds.

Click the paintbrush!


October 19,2002 Saturday
___Sorry everybody! I know I haven't updated in a week :-/ But I have did some stuff that people requested, I'll do more request tommorrow :-)

Heres a new faerie doll, the queen faerie requested by Kandi (I'm sorry that its late)

Click here!

___I also fixed the Linkages box, so now you can actually copy the code inside the box :-)

I'm sorry everyone but I don't respond to neomails, it doesn't mean that I'm mean or anything, I just don't logg in much :-/ BUT if you want to contact me , you can by e-mailing me, and I WILL respond ^_^

My e-mail is

Annnnd I would also like to thank everyone who wrote such nice things in my Guestbook, it makes me want to add alot more things to the site everyday :) It really means alot to me ^_^


October 7,2002 Monday
___A new faerie doll...the tooth faerie, for all your pets lost teeth!

Click the tooth lady!


October 4,2002 Friday
___Another Tinypet...only not so tiny...

Click the bunny!

___Bobbing faerie dolls! Adopt one today under the "ADOPTABLEs" section, in "faerie dollz"!

OR you can just click this image....



Pages not added to menu yet:
>>>Mr.TamaTama (internet pet)
>>>Color chart (can't find the right color?)

Newest stuff:
>>>Faerie dolls *animated*