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These Photos are scanned from 35mm slides so the resolution is not as good as original.
To view text under pictures correctly, open "Favorites" and make width about 1/1/2 in.
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Bob Calnen
    294 tech school                    SquadronHq

     Cockpit of C141              A stop in Torrejon
Bet you couldn't get in there now!


      Daharan, Saudia Arabia

  Karachi, Out of hotel window 

    US Embassy Karachi

    Arabian Sea      Bill Phillips and our driver 
  Mine? Yeah, it's the white one hanging on the line right over there!

    Umm Ice cream!!           Lancelot and Lady Guinevere?
                                Sorry,wrong Camelot

Khyber Pass

Paul Boinay, Pat Mower

Pictures from downtown Peshawar

Bob Calnen and I walk to town

3 from Peshawar University

Pictures on Base

Frontier Inn

Playing Bridge. Left Harvey Hogue, Pat Mower, ?----, Paul Boinay

Left Al Fricke, Myself (Jim Peneton)

Bob Kelshaw (tossing DP), Bob Calnen

Left Myself (Jim Peneton), Paul Boinay

Barracks room


"Ops" from barracks

Myself & Bob Calnen with our Corvair

Kevin Foley & Bob Calnen on the Corvair

Looking toward base coming from town

Greek Orthodox Priest, Iraklion

Theater in Iraklion

Lamb for shish-ka-bobs

Iraklion Harbor, Repairing net.

"Nea Ionia" Taverna, Iraklion

Dinner at Nea Ionia: Lamb shanks, Moussaka, Salad,Wine...

Trip to south coast, Matala.

Close up of Caves at Matala, Southern coast

Beach and caves in background. Notice lack of tourists in 1969!

Kevin Foley, Bob Calnen

Nikos Kazantzakis's grave. He wrote "Zorba the Greek"

Best part of the base! The beach.

Trip to the Gorge at Samaria

From left; Kevin Foley, John Neider, Bob Calnen, Paul Johnson, Cliff Schmidt

St Nicholas
Kevin, Bob                              Kevin, Greg Norton, Bob, Unk

A trip to Athens with Keith Frandsen

Dawg Flight Party

Kevin Foley, Bob Calnen

Bob and I say goodby, May 1970

Paul Johnson, unk(in back), Donna Lamphere, Bob Calnen, Kevin Foley, Janice Carpenter, unk, Greek in Window, Cliff Schmidt

Stopping in the Azores

C-141 at McGuire, May 1970 and HOME from there!