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Jackass Willie
1813 N. Jantzen Ave.
Portland, OR 97217
(503) 285-2996

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Jackass Willie, "Dysfunctional Beergrass"
"Dysfunctional Beergrass"

Since their inception in 1997, Jackass Willie has been assaulting audiences all over the northwest with their raucous high-powered bluegrass punk blend. Jackass Willie shoots a healthy wad of buckshot into the ass of our modern politically correct culture with lascivious, self-deprecating humor that leaves no sacred cow unmolested. Fans have been known to drink bars dry attempting to drown out the conflict between being horrifically offended by the misogynistic crap spewed forth by the Jackasses, and loving every raunchy minute of it.

Began by white-trash-hillbilly-philosopher, Damon Frye, Jackass Willie played some 150 shows in their first year alone; trashing such venues as the WOW hall, The Vet’s Club, Max’s, Sam Bond’s Garage, John Henry’s, and Seattle’s Tractor Tavern. With their distinctive arsenal of instruments, including banjo, guitar, stand-up bass, harmonica and drums, Jackass Willie grew like a fungus in the murky cultural swamp at 4th and Blair in Eugene; rising from obscurity to become one of Eugene’s essential bands. Nearly every Monday night for two years Jackass Willie played at The Tiny Tavern in Eugene, inciting ever-growing numbers of misanthropic fans into a Monday night melee. Jackass Willie holds the distinction of playing Tiny Tavern’s all time record beer sales night (and there was only three people in the audience). Yep, Jackass Willie fans can really “knock ‘em back.”

Having completed their first Northwest tour covering, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Utah (that’s right Salt Lake City), Jackass Willie needed to find some greener pastures in which to defecate. They chose Eugene’s largest neighbor, Portland as their new barnyard. Because Jackass Willie had already played at the Mt. Tabor Theater, Berbati’s Pan, and Billy Ray’s Neighborhood dive, the Jackasses felt that they had a modest foothold in the Portland area. Since moving to Portland, Jackass Willie has played numerous venues including The Green Room, Ash Street Saloon, Satyricon, and the Tonic Lounge. As a result, they have begun to build a good solid following of degenerates with apparently nothing better to do than to come and listen to pig slop served up with a shit load of beer.

Jackass Willie specializes in providing off-color, anti-politically-correct entertainment, at a literal break-neck pace to anyone with a strong stomach and flexible morality. The Jackasses have continued to develop as a band and will soon be releasing their first full length CD. In addition, Jackass Willie is planning a summer tour where they will be seeking out their toothless, inbred roots in midwestern rural America. Making no apologies for their work, Jackass Willie hopes to continue to float to the top like a renegade turd in a toilet bowl.

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