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myEn Gedi


read1st Samuel 24:1-2

this place needs a few more ndn's, Apache's preferred

at least someone who makes

frybread regularly

Nahal Arugot

And it came to pass,,when Saul was returned from following the Phillistines, that it was told him, saying,Behold, David is in the wilderness ofEn Gedi. Then Saul took three thousand chosen men out of all Israel,and went to seek David and his men upon the rocks of the wild goats.

Nahal David

Once Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai said to his 5 disciples: What is the most desirable thing to strive for in life?

Rabbi Eliezer said: "A good eye."

Rabbi Joshua said:"A good friend."

Rabbi Yose said: "A good neighbor."

Rabbi Simeon said: "Wisdom to foretell the future."

Rabbi Yehuda said: "A good heart."

Rabbi Yohanan then said to his five disciples: "The words of Yehuda please me most,because his thought includes all the rest."

At another time Rabbi Yohanan asked his disciples: "What is the thing that man should avoid most in life?"
Rabbi Eliezer said: "An evil eye."

Rabbi Joshua said: "An evil friend."

Rabbi Yose said: "A bad neighbor."

Rabbi Simeon said: "One who borrows money and doesn't return it."

Rabbi Yehuda said: "A bad heart."

Rabbi Yohanan then said: "The words of Yehuda please me most because his thought includes all of yours."

"Taxi Service, Ben Gurion to Yerushalayim, then egged to En Gedi"
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Inupiaq Nutaqqat, susaqpich, aarigaa arguktuq, aarigaa taikuu agaayun piqpaksriruq ilvich, akkuvauraq qixak.