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The 12.0 sec.'93 G20 ( Sold )

Our first turbo setup ran a best quarter mile time of 13.08 @ 107 MPH !!!! Bluebird SR20DET ( Stock T25 turbo and top mount intercooler, boost @ 13 lbs. ) 3" exhaust, Apexi N1 muffler, cold air intake, ACT 4 puck clutch, on 22x8x15 M/T slicks .....

New Motor, T3/T04e setup ran 12.06 @ 119 MPH on 24.5x8x15 Slicks 7/30/06 .....

Engine: Bluebird SR20DET, Weisco 75mm Forged pistons, 8.5:1 Compression, balanced rods with ARP rod bolts, Balanced internals, Clevite bearings, OE Nissan gaskets, Head ported and short turn radius work, JWT S3 cams, ProTech Log Manifold, T3/T04E Turbo, Tial 40mm wastegate, 2/12" down pipe, 3" exhaust, Apexi N1 muffler, Greddy Type R BOV, JWT ECU, Z32 MAF, MSD 72Lb injectors, JWT fuel rail, NISMO FPR, Z32 Fuel pump and fuel filter, ported intake manifold, FMD All Aluminum intercooler piping, FMD Stainless Turbo heat shield, "Skyline" FMIC, K&N Filtercharger, NGK BKR7E plugs, NGK wires, MSD SCI with 3 step, Greddy oil cap and 1.1 Radiator cap, Valvoline synthetics.

Trans: P11 LSD Trans, ACT 4 puck/Extreme plate, Empi Axles, Redline Shock proof Heavy.

Outside: 17" Racing Hart C2 Evo's, 215-40-17 Yokohama ES100, 99 G20 front bumper. NISMO front lug studs, M/T 24.5x8x15 slicks .

Inside: Greddy Boost gauge, Greddy Turbo Timer, Greddy Profec B boost control, Greddy shift knob.

At the Dyno, with the distribitor problem, we made a solid 265 HP @ 4300 RPM But then the engine went flat and lost power, now with it running right, it doesnt even get fun until 5000 !!!! On our 2nd dyno day, we ran a bit better, after finding a bad distribitor we put down 340 HP .... but it was still breaking up on the top end ... We found the BOV we were using was opening up at high boost, with the new Gredy Type-R BOV it runs alot better !!

Brothers Daily driver STI, His Hot Rod "Turbo20" and my daily driver Altima ....

At the track ....( ignore the dates !!! )

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