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Welcome to Outside In's Streetwise HIV/AIDS prevention program homepage.

Streetwise is dedicated to the prevention of HIV and AIDS, and supplying information and safe supplies to homeless and at risk youth in Portland, OR.

Streetwise is run mostly by youth from Outside In, a youth drop-in center in Portland, with the assistance of Outside In staff and volunteers.

Streetwise operates Tuesdays(6:00pm-8:00pm PST) and Fridays(6:00pm-9:00pm PST).

For more information on funding issues and donations, please contact Tia Plympton, program supervisor at (503)535-3824.

Teens are the fastest growing age group for cases of new HIV infections.

To visit Outside In's webpage, click on the link below

Outside In homepage


More Info on STD's (non-HIV)

HIV/AIDS Information/prevention

The Importance of Safe Sex


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