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Training To Cross Water

Anyone that has been around donkeys for any length of time knows how hard it can be to get them to cross water. Most of them just don't like to get their feet wet. With the help of clicker training you can get your donkey to cross water on the trail or anywhere you happen to find it.

I'll use Biscuit as an example. We took advantage of some mud puddles in front of the neighbor's place recently. You might want to create your own puddles for this.

I started out by wakling Biscuit as close to the wter as she felt comfortable. She got a click and a treat for just standing calmly near the water.

When she saw that I wasn't in a hurry she started to relax and she got another c/t for each step closer to the water that she took.

Biscuit was calm and relaxed as she finally stepped foot in the water.

I let her stand and look at the water. I was clicking and treating her as long as she stood still.

Here we are just standing and she has begun to realize that this isn't so bad after all.

She's doing great so far.

And the end result. A donkey that is relaxed and walking right along with me through the water.

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