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Just what kinds of things can you do with your donkey? How about these for starters...

Donkeys seem to love pulling a cart or wagon. It sure is a nice way to take some friends along.

Go on "donkey day hikes." This is something they REALLY love to do. They can even carry your lunch for you.

Be part of your local town's events. This is at our Farm Expo. Ranger is enjoying a scratch from a visitor.

Dress up for a costume class.

Go for a ride!

Play gymkhana games.

How about dressing up for a parade?

You can do trail classes at shows.

Or give rides to kids.

You can always tag along with a wagontrain.

Kids seem to love seeing the donkeys. This was in 1996 at The Applegate Trail get together.

How about a parade?

Preschool kids love to have the donkeys visit.

One of my favorite things to do is visit nursing homes.

Here Larry and his mule, Babe, are helping clean up a local trail.

Go on a pack trip.

I hope I've given you some ideas. Now get out there and DO something with those donks!

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