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Smile Pretty

Now to get started on teaching your pal to smile. First, we need to arm ourselves with a clicker, some treats and something to carry the treats in. I use a nail bag that ties around my waist.

This is Jassper my standard donkey gelding. Stand a little to the front and side of your animal. Take a treat (I'm using a small piece of carrot here) and hold it near his mouth. When he starts to reach for it, click and treat him. Keep doing this until he gets his upper lip up trying to reach for the treat.

I like to have them raise thier heads up as they smile so I'm going to hold the treat up higher and make him really reach for it. All the time I'm telling him to "Smile". Don't forget to click and treat.

Now I'm going to hold the treat further away from him and as I'm telling him to "Smile" I'll also wiggle my finger with the hand that is holding the carrot.

After he gets where he will "Smile" all I have to do is say the cue word. If he forgets I just hold my hand up and wiggle my finger. This is a real easy trick to teach and you can have lots of fun with it.

Now who couldn't love a face like this?

Biscuit Smiling

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