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Noble is our 4 year old john mule. He is out of a Doc Bar mare and by a mammoth jack. He's been ridden once but packed on several times.

Noble has had a fear of the worming syringe. It got to be when we wanted to worm him, we would automatically reach for the twitch at the same time we did the wormer. After working with the clicker, Noble comes running for the wormer with his mouth wide open! Amazing!

Noble has also been ear shy. Because of the gnats chewing his ears, they were so sore that he wouldn't let us touch them. It was dangerous being around him and trying to touch his ears as he would sling his head violently. This made it impossible to even put his fly mask on. I started clicking Noble for just looking at the fly mask without tossing his head.

It wasn't long before he came to me, when I held the mask up, and lowered his head for me to put the mask on.

We now can rub Noble's ears anytime. This has been the most remarkable thing we have acomplished.

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