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Jan and Karen, from the clickryder list, put on a demo of clicker training at our Oregon Mr. Longears show in Williams, Oregon recently. I only got a couple of pictures but wanted to share with everyone. So sorry that I wasn't able to get to see their whole demo but I was busy showing my donkey, Ranger.

Jan with her beautiful horse, Justin.

Jan and Justin "playing" together.

These two were awesome together! Jan had Justin sidepass over some 5 gallon buckets, away from her and back to her. He picked up a hanky and handed it to her while she was riding him. I'm looking forward to Jan helping me learn to do some of the things they do.

Ranger and I did a few of his tricks during the lunch break. Here he is counting.

Playing the piano

Charlie Bob and his mule, Miss Ella, rode out to Oregon from Florida starting in 1997. They also entertained the crowd. Charlie Bob uses tongue clicks and gives Miss Ella treats. What a team!

Miss Ella pretending she is a Harley Davidson.

When I asked Charlie Bob if he had any more mules he told me that a good mule is like a good woman. You only need one.

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