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This is a fun trick. You can teach your guy to pick the ball up and hand it to you. You can even teach him to fetch it when you throw it and bring it back to you.

Start by holding the ball in front of him. As he touches it with his nose, click and treat. You want him to associate touching the ball with his treat.

Make sure that he really understands that in order to get a click and treat, he has to touch the ball with his nose.

When he's real good at touching the ball, then you can slowly lower it to the ground and have him still touch it. Hold off on the click and treat until he starts trying to open his mouth on the ball. That's the time for a BIG JACKPOT!

Think of the fun you two will have playing fetch. By the way, this is my 10 month old mammoth Jennet, GloryB. It doesn't matter the age. You can teach young and old these easy tricks.

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