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Camping Trips

Some of our favorite times are spent out on the trail with our donkeys and mules. Southern Oregon has some of the most beautiful places you would ever want to go.

One of our donkey hiking trips. The donks carried our lunches and a first aid kit. They really did well on this trip.

Here we are, headed back to camp, after our hike.

Mt. McLaughlin is in the background. do we look like weary hikers??

That's my son, Bryan, on Rosie and Larry with his mule, Babe.

Mickey at Willow Campground. He loved not having to be highlined on this trip.

Babe on the Sprague River day ride.

Ranger gave a performance of his tricks on one of the rides.

Ranger took time out to give rides.

Biscuit on the left. Her first time to be highlined.

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