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Biscuit is my 3 year old standard jennet. I swear, this donkey is so funny! She loves everyone and especially loves to be with people.

Biscuit at 1 day old.

This was taken the day that Biscuit decided she wanted to come home with me. I had went to this place to look at a gelding and ended up bringing little Biscuit home.

Here she is with Mickey. Biscuit's first time to carry the pack saddle.

She got to go to a show and got a thrid place ribbon out of 9 other donkeys.

Biscuit dressed up for Easter and went for a visit to an elderly care home.

We just love going to care homes. The people are thrilled to see the donks.

Biscuit thinks she would like to write a book.

Biscuit on one of our hikes. We had this big bridge to cross.

I just love this face!

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