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Full Circle Lamp Molds

A tool for the creative lamp maker
Last Updated: April 28, 2000

The advantages of our molds.
  • They are a full 360 degree mold to work on, there is no need to assemble sections.
  • The mold is tight cell, high density, polyurethane and will hold its shape forever.
  • The mold is mounted on a half inch thick plywood disk, a little larger than the diameter of the lamp, this adds to the rigidity and provides a stable base to work on.
  • The mold surface is covered with two coats of quality white acrylic gesso.
  • There are 20 year old molds still being used today.
  • The surface is pinable to hold pieces in place and the mold can be gessoed as often as you want to provide a new drawing surface.
  • These molds come with ceramic slumping molds. Kiln ready molds that have been made directly from the lamp mold they accompany. These are wedge shaped molds that extend from the top of the lamp to the base. At the base they are approximately 1/6 to 1/8 the total diameter, so six to eight slump molds will cover the lamp mold.
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