In order of receipt of name.

We would like to acknowledge anyone involved with the protest. I need your permission to put your name on this site. Please e-mail me here and let me know your name (first name or nickname is OK) and how you contributed to the protest. Supporters who were not there will also be recognized. Melody- made pins, signs, stickers, and was an on-site protester. Geana Berg- on site protester Lovey- involved, armbands, protest supporter. Vicki Ferraro- on site protester Marleen Oetzel- protest organizer, on-site protester Ann Hirschberg- protest supporter Ellen- on site protester, press, behind-scenes details Agnes Parcan- on site protester, 79 y.o. Elizabeth Kan- on site protester Veronica Parcan- on site protester Carolyn F. James- protest supporter Anonymous 1- on site protester Linda S.- protest supporter from Oregon Mary Jane Van Fleet- protest supporter Gail Parke- protest supporter Warren Clemetson- on site protester (Picture 4) Ellen Clemetson- on site protester (Picture 4) Penni Korb- on site protester Sharon Smith- protest supporter Jeannine- on site protester from New Jersey Kathleen Dickson- protest supporter, background information Evelyn O' Brien- on site protester, made armbands and green ribbons Lou- photos Joan Green- on site protester Steve Henwood- protest supporter from OR Patty Smith- on site protester from Pennsylvania (Photo 2) Hal Smith- on site protester (17 y.o.) Lyme Alliance, Inc.- protest supporter Lynn Lane- protest supporter Milo 7- protest supporter James Wissmiller- protest supporter Georgia Wissmiller- protest supporter Dana Wissmiller- protest supporter Greg Dowell- protest supporter Bonnie Dowell- protest supporter Laurie Dowell- protest supporter Kevin Dowell- protest supporter Karen Strandberg- protest supporter from WA Brandon Siemssen and Family- protest supporters Alison Achambault- protest supporter Jo McTallum- L.D. Information Center PA, on site protester and supporter Lyme Disease Network South Carolina- protest supporter The West Coast Connection- protest supporter NW Lyme Disease Support Network- protest supporter Rita Stanley, Ph.D- protest organizer, press Adrianna- website designer. E-mail me here! Names of Protest Supporters on the Sign
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