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Sammi's Wrestling & Judo Page

This site is to promote Women's Wrestling and Judo. I hope you enjoy it.

NEWER UPDATED VERSION (updated 7/25/01)

"My Wrestling Record for 2000 & 2001" (updated 3/1/01)

"2001 & 2000 DOUBLE NATIONAL TITLE WINNER---Check out my JUDO Record" (updated 7/21/01)

2001 Finals Match 165+ USGWA National High School Championships "MORE ACTION PICTURES"

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"Upcoming Womens/Girls Tournaments"

I am 15 years old and I am in the 9th Grade this year. I have been wrestling for 8 years and a Judo player for 2 years - Girls can do anything they want to as long as they have the heart. Click here for upcoming tournaments and my current workouts

See my wrestling accomplishments below. Click here to see My Judo Accomplishments - I want to wrestle in the Olympics and represent the USA and Women's Wrestling. I want to attend college and wrestle.

Wrestling Accomplishments

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The Wrestling Clubs I practice with:

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Some Wrestling Websites

University of Minnesota Morris Womens Wrestling Team
USA Wrestling
Women's Wrestling Page
Upcoming Women's / Girls Tournaments
Joey a fellow female wrestler