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Dear Reader,


This book holds two MAIN SECtions. Two different kinds of people make up an audience for THE WRATH OF GRAPES!  with How to Get Off and Stay Off.

People who suffer because of what drunks do—or don’t do—are considered in the “First Part, FOR THOSE WHO SUFFER Because of Drunks. If you hurt because someone close to you is drinking too much—while doing little else—this part is for you.

Active alcoholics of the world are considered in the “Last Part, FOR THE DRUNKS Who Cause Suffering. If you drink too much, too often, this part is for you. If you just now quit drinking too much, too often, this part may still be for you. You may be “recovering,” but are not joyfully “recovered” from a physical, functional disease.


[We all know, of course, that drunks are not likely to read something, or anything, that might be openly critical of their conduct; but, with some harsh “preparation therapy” they may be convinced to read, THE WRATH OF GRAPES! with How to Get Off and Stay Off.]


The objective of each part of The Wrath of Grapes! is to get “the drunks” sober—continually—so all those affected will find blessed relief. How drunks will benefit from staying sober does not need much delineation—health, wealth and happiness are all they can expect. This I know from many hard-handled, difficult experiences.

Incidentally, no apology is offered for the lack of sympathy as far as portraying the “drunks” is concerned. If they are looking for sympathy, they will find it in a Webster’s Dictionary. I’ll explain later.

Wives and husbands of alcoholics will get special knowledge from this work of words. Perhaps the parents of children who have succumbed to alcoholism will read this book and interrupt the progress of their offspring’s disease. Employers may want to know what to do with employees who abuse the use of alcohol. Curious groups, such as recovering alcoholics and those who think they may be in danger, may have cause to read The Wrath of Grapes! with How to Get Off and Stay Off. Alcoholics who are recoverING may find total RECOVERY. Folks who see themselves slipping into the disease may head off disaster. Some people may simply find this book very interesting, as well as “different” and exciting.

A local bookstore will order any book upon your request . . .