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Okay, for this work, let’s call Universal Mind, God, because of the familiarity of the concept. Most people in North America call Universal Mind, God. But, you may call Our Universal Mind anything you wish outside of this text.

If you are tempted to stop reading already because you don’t like to see or hear about God and religious stuff, be advised that this work is not specifically about religion, it is about spirituality. And, you can only benefit from reading. You are a spirit, whether you believe it or not. You are using your part of Universal Spirit as you read these pages and for everything else you do and will do.

Even if you are an agnostic or atheist, you are using your spirit from Spirit as you digest these words (Spirit with a capital “S” is universal while with a small “s” is personal; as will be detailed later). You used or will use Universal Mind’s Spirit for whatever you have done or will ever do.

Also, right off, you should know this: I know for sure there is a God—Universal Mind—because I have known God intimately for at least 45 of my nearly 80 years. You know God, too, of course; even if you are afraid to confront God; even if you deny there is a God. There is certainly, and obviously, a Universal Mind, which we may call God or Whatever, with an infinitely powerful Spirit which created everything while everything is sustained as a part of that Creator and creation—the universe may be from a “Big Bang” or from infinity. You and I are portions of the Creator and the creation along with everyone else and every other thing in our universal environment—everything spiritual and everything corporeal.

I know the Creator as well as anyone within my immediate circle of society. Risking being called condescending, I’ll say this: I know God better than do most religious teachers who I have known and who I know now. Maybe I know God better than you do, too. I have concluded from over 50 years of in-depth study into spirituality that if any mortal states, “God is a He” or “God is a She” or “God is an It,” he or she, or it, does not know God as well as I know the Universal Mind. Why? God cannot be aptly described with a personal pronoun because God is made up of all genders—assuming there are at least three human genders. In fact, as already stated, God is all of ALL; and, the noun, God, is not in itself an apt name for all-there-is. There may not be, or need there be, an inclusive name for ALL. Still, I have a direct and continual connection with God and ALL. And I use my expanding part of God’s inherently extended intelligence to function successfully in society. You can use such a connection too. You can know God intimately—with very little effort. And, knowing God— Universal Mind—intimately can only help while you deal with life’s exciting circumstances. Wouldn’t you like to have a direct intellectual connection with God?

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