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“Alcoholism is a huge ‘bummer.’ It is also a physical, functional disease. It is a condition of the individual’s metabolism. Any alcoholic can easily find RECOVERY from his or her disease.”

You should read, THE WRATH OF GRAPES!  with How to Get Off and Stay Off, if you have someone in your life who drinks too much:  because you can do something about it. Yes, you can! And you probably should. This book tells you how. Go for it!


To whom it may concern:

It has been my privilege and pleasure to carefully read Richard Nystrom’s testimonial book, The Wrath of Grapes! His writing style is interesting and unique. As you work through the book, you feel as if you are experiencing the destructive power of alcoholism “first hand.”

The book truly reflects what happens to a life when it becomes the victim of this tragic addiction. The author does not hesitate to confess the depths of the waste of years of his life as it was controlled by alcohol in its various forms.

He deals much more honestly than most victims of alcoholism as to the cause of the disease and gives strong testimony as to the way to escape its clutches. While many may not agree with the author’s conclusions, his life reflects the successfulness of his remedy.

I could heartily recommend this treatise to anyone dealing with today’s number one drug problem . . . the wrath of grapes.

Dr. Cecil Sims, D.D.

Retired Executive Director of the Northwest Baptist Convention



I read your manuscript months ago, and I failed to get back to you. I hope that by now you have found a publisher.

The theme of your book, that alcoholism is a disease that can only be controlled by absolute abstinence, comes through loud and clear, and is amply supported by the vignettes from your own experiences. It is a message that many more people need to hear, and that should be the premise of intervention.

Thanks for sharing it with me.

Bob Sack

Robert L. Sack, MD, PhD; Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR.

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