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THE BONUS CLUB  is  “A Rik Love Adventure” of unique creation. Don’t miss it. You certainly will enjoy.


THE WRATH OF GRAPES! WITH HOW TO GET OFF AND STAY OFF, is written for “Those Who Suffer Because of Drunks” as well as for “The Drunks Who Cause the Suffering.”


OUR UNIVERSAL MIND: Yours and Mine, is for agnostics, atheists as well as religious folks to enlighten. Every human being has an inherent connection with the Universal Mind but may not be aware of such as grand reality. And, it is highly valuable to aid creativity.


Rik Love’s Journal: A Fictional Memoir, is a creative collection of short stories giving 24 chapters of excitement for readers of all appetites. Rik Love tells about his odd life from pre-puberty to 80 years old.


THE MOTHER LODE tells of a group of men from an isolated business “cult” taking over a small CA town to protest an IRS and State tax audit. An unscrupulous industry leader cons his employees into capturing the town’s people with its own nostalgic train. [Read to find out what happens.]


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This book has been rewritten and re-titled, 
GOD for this Dummy 
as an e-book 
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