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Settled in a quiet valley surrounded by Junipers and Rimrocks, is the small community of Monument, Oregon. A small friendly town where neighbors still speak and have a warm smile when meeting. A community that still comes together to help those in need, which is very rare these days.

Monument is located in Central Oregon/North Central Region on the North Fork of the John Day River, in Grant County. Approximately 120 miles from Pendleton, 60 miles from John Day, 225 miles from Portland and 140 miles from Bend.

The population is approximately 150, and with the outlying areas this number doubles.
The elevation is roughly 2000 ft. and the climate is arid during the summers, 90 to 100 with July most likely being the hottest month. The winters can be tough, with temperatures dropping below 20 below zero, December is most likely the coldest month. Though the area is considered a desert area, there are many farms and orchards along the river that grow hay and a large variety of fruits. The remaining territory is used for raising various livestock.

During the early dates when the Native American Indians were passing through what is now Monument Valley, they called it "Man-Mint" which is of the Shahaptin language of the lower Columbia tribes.
Then in 1869 the name "Monument" was given by one of its first settlers, Isaac Vilott. As story goes it was due to a mountain nearby which resembles a pulpit.

The City of Monument, itself was incorported in 1947.

Rocky mountian elk and mule deer are well know for coming down from the mountains and feeding in the local alfalfa fields and hay stacks. Steelhead spawn in the small creeks that feed into the John Day River, along with small mouth bass and trout. Occasionally, beavers, bald eagles, ospreys, badgers, rock chucks, geese, whooping cranes, antelopes, bobcats, cougars, coyotes and even a rattlesnake can be seen.

All in all, the Monument Valley offers spectacular vistas of the surrounding sage and juniper covered basalt rimrocks. Whether you are interested in fishing, hunting, hiking, white water rafting or just seeking a quiet respite from the hectic pace of life, Monument has it, along with the warm hospitality of a small friendly community.

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