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Web-Space Astronaut's Have Landed Since Aug.Friday The 13th 1999!!!!

LAST UPDATE:March 10 2003

.....This is Electric Lunar LarryLand!!.....

I'm Lunar Larry... a hopefull musician... I have put together this ELECTRIC LUNAR LARRYLAND (The Gateway To Many Electric Lands) to showcase my favorites in Entertainment. Including a link to the OFFICIAL LUNAR LARRY WEBSITE.

TELESCOPE: Lunar Pictures (gallery organized by subject)

SOUNDS: Lunar Music Fansites (madonna , bjork ,tori amos,missy elliott) ...and more coming

PLANETARIUM: Lunar Inspirations (freddy kreuger ,star wars , pippi longstocking) ...and more

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You'll wanna put this page on your favorites...cuz if you like these images and such...they'll change often! And this is THE DOORWAY for alot Lunar Lands...for example if you go to Freddy Kruger in the Planetarium you'll find a link for Electric Lunar FreddyLand (Please press the REFRESH to update)