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Welcome to the

IKV Raptor


We are the Flagship of The New Empire. We decided to take our destiny into our own hands. Along with our sister ship, the IKV Drako, we are the most visible and active science fiction clubs in the Salem to Portland area. We produced a Haunted House last year and plan to do so again this year. We help with Portland movie premiers, and various community projects. Despite our Klingon overtones, we do not limit our membership solely to Klingons, but all alien races. Albeit, too many Ferengi can be a bad thing on your pocketbook. We also promote a family atmosphere, having a Gunboat for our younger members to also participate.  You can delve thru some of our photos from various events, and can also see our back newsletters. This page is constantly under construction, so come back and see our updates and current events.

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