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Flounder's Clean & Sober Page

My name is Flounder and I am a Clean & Sober Biker in Oregon. I am a patchholder for SOLUTION MC Portland Chapter. This is my own personal webpage...the opinions here , links , photos that may be displayed etc...are of my own doing; not those of Solution MC.If you would like to know more about SOLUTION MC or about being clean and sober just email me below.

I am making some changes to this page. I am getting tired of looking at the same old stuff all the time. There will be some information about SOLUTION MC, and eventually a link to our club website. Also there will be a lot of information about runs and bike shops. I will continue to list all of our clubs events. There will be some photos of some of my brothers, and their bikes. I might put some off the wall shit that might interest me for awhile. The main thing is that this page will be forever changing. I guess I can get bored with a lot of things really fast, unless of course it has something to do with Harleys. Anyway it will be change and today I am learning that some change is good.


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