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Yizkor Books in the Seattle, WA area

Copyright (c) 1999 Michael Steinore


This page is an inventory of the Yizkor books found in the Seattle, Washington area. Other than the accuracy of this inventory, all inquiries regarding these Yizkor books should be directed to the institutions listed below. Please also note Congregation Neveh Shalom's collection of 120+ Yizkor Books, located in Portland, Oregon.


This inventory was conducted in December, 1999 and all the information below is current as of that date. Note: there is no guarantee the inventory is complete. The inventory is organized by institution, then by alphabetic town name. Each entry follows the syntax below: The bibliographic detail originates from my inventory and catalog listings of the material. This was then cross-checked against various lists published on the World Wide Web and the list of Yizkor books published in From Generation to Generation by Arthur Kurzweil.

Glossary of Abbreviations

Yizkor Books at the University of Washington

Suzzallo & Allen Libraries, Seattle, WA 98195,
Bielsk-Podlaski (POL)
S. Y. le-zikhram ha-kadosh ... (Bielsk-Podliask; book in the holy memory of the Bielsk-Podliask Jews) (1975, 598 pp) [H, Y, E], H. Rabin, Ed., (Tel Aviv: Bielsk Societies in Israel and the U.S.A.) [DS135.P62 B572 1975]
Dubno (UKR)
Dubno, S. Z. (Dubno; a memorial to the Jewish community of Dobno-Wolyn) (1966, 752 pp) [H, Y], Y. Adini, Ed., (Tel Aviv: Dubno Organization in Israel) [DS135.R93 D78 1966]
Goworowo (POL)
Goworowo, S. Z. (1966, 496 pp) [H, Y, E], A. Burstin & D. Kossovsky, Eds., (Tel Aviv: The Goverover Societies in Israel, the USA and Canada) [DS135.P62 G68 1966]
Kedainiai (LIT)
Keydan; S. Z. (Keidan memorial book) (1977, 352 pp) [H, Y, E], Josef Chrust, Ed., (Tel Aviv: Keidan Societies in Israel, South America, and the U. S.) [DS135.R93 K243 1977]
Leczyca (POL)
S. Linshits (Memorial book of Leczyca) (1953, 223 pp) [H], J. Frenkel, Ed., (Tel Aviv: For. Res of Leczyca in Israel) [DS135.P63 L425 1953]
Luboml (UKR)
[translation of] S. Z. le-K. Luboml (Luboml: The memorial book of a vanished shtetl) (1997, 447 pp) [E], N. Sobel, Ed., (Hoboken, NJ: KTAV Publishing House) [DS135.U42 L497 1997]
Lyubcha (BYE)
Lubats' ve-Delatits' : S. Z. (Lyubcha & Delatichi Memorial Book) (1971, 480 pp) [H, Y], K. Hilel, Ed., (Haifa: For. Res. of Lyubcha & Delatichi in Israel) [DS135.R93 L82 1971]
Minsk-Mazowiecki (POL)
S. Minsk-Mazovyetsk (Minsk-Mazowiecki memorial book) (1977, 633 pp) [H, Y, E], E. Shedletski, Ed., (Jerusalem: Minsk-Mazowiecki societies in Israel and Abroad) [DS135.P62 M497 1977]
Mlawa (POL)
Di Yidishe Mlave : Geshikhte, Oyfshteyg, Umkum (Jewish Mlawa; its history, development, destruction 2 vols.) (1984, 1,129 pp) [H, Y, E], D. Shtokfish, Ed., (Tel Aviv: Mlawa Societies in Israel and in the Diaspora) [DS135.P62 M52 1984 v.1 & v.2]
Pinczow (POL)
S. Z. le-K. Pintshev; in Pintshev togt shoyn nisht (A book of memory of the Jewish community of Pinczow, Poland) (1970, 480 pp) [H, Y], M. Shener, Ed., (Tel Aviv: For. Res. of Pinczow in Israel and in the Diaspora) [DS135.P62 P547 1970]
Pochayev (UKR)
Pitshayever Y. B. (Memorial book dedicated to the Jews of Pitchayev-Wolyn executed by the Germans) (1960, 311 pp) [Y], H. Gelernt, Ed., (Philadelphia: The Pitchayever Wohliner Aid Society) [DS135.R93 P586 1960]
Radoshkovichi (BYE)
S. Z. Radoshkovits (Radoshkowitz; a memorial to the Jewish community) (1953, 222 pp) [H], M. Robinson et al, Eds., (Tel Aviv: For. Res. of Radoshkowitz in Israel) [DS135.R93 R325 1953]
Rozan (POL)
S. Z. le-K. Rozan (al ha-Nerew) (Rozhan memorial book) (1977, 614 pp) [H, Y, E], Benjamin Halevi, Ed., (Tel Aviv: Rozhan Societies in Israel and the U.S.A.) [DS135.P62 R697 1977]
Sokolka (POL)
S. Sokolka; Das buch fun Sokolke (Memorial book of Sokolka) (1968, 767 pp) [H, Y], , (Jerusalem: The Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora) [DS135.P62 S64 1968]
Szydlowiec (POL)
Shidlovtser Y. B. (Szydlowiec Memorial Book) (1974, 941 pp) [Y, E], B. Kagan, Ed., (New York: Shidlovtser landsmanshaft in New York) [DS135.P62 S547 1974]
Vysotsk (UKR)
Ayartenu Visotsk; S. Z. (Our town of Visotsk; memorial book) (1963, 231 pp) [H, Y], , (Haifa: Ass'n. of For. Res. of Visotsk in Israel) [DS135.R93 V97 1963]
Wojslawice (POL)
S. Z. Voislavitze (Y. B. in memory of Voislavize) (1970, 515 pp) [H, Y], Sh. Kanc, Ed., (Tel Aviv: For. Res. of Voislavitze) [DS135.P62 W64 1970]
Zabludow (POL)
Zabludow Y.-B. (Zabludowo; in memorium) (1961, 507 pp) [Y], Sh. Tsesler et al, Eds., (Buenos Aires: Zabludowo Book Committee) [DS135.P62 Z237 1961]
Zelow (POL)
S. Z. le-K. Zelow (Memorial book of the community of Zelow) (1976, 447 pp) [H, Y], Avraham Kalushiner, Ed., (Tel Aviv: Zelow Society) [DS135.P62 Z44 1976]

Yizkor Books at Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center (WSHERC) and Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle

2031 Third Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121,,
Ostrow-Mazowiecka (POL)
S. Z. le-K. Ostrov-Mazovyetsk (Memorial Book of the community of Ostrow-Mazowiecka ) (1960, 653 pp) [H, Y], A. Margalit, Ed., (Tel Aviv: For. Res. of Ostrow-Mazowieck) [?]
Pulawy (POL)
Y. B. Pulawy (In memoriam the city of Pulawy) (1964, 494 pp) [Y], M. W. Bernstein, Ed., (New York: Pulawer Yiskor Book Committee) [?]