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Billy Barty: "Hello, I'm 3'9" Billy Barty. Although I am a midget, I know how to get "jiggy". I am going to fund the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance with one million dollars. As you know last year the UWA went broke and all of the people who used to work here were drinking sewer water out of back lanes. Needless to say, things weren't looking too good for our former owners and that's why I have interjected my stubby arm to block the onslaught of impending doom. I am going to award 1 million dollars to the winner of the 32-Man Retournament. I will also be backing the UWA with all of its financial endevours. This is gonna be such a classy event, even the fucking pope's gonna be there. I'M A MIDGET! and don't forget, I have money. So lace up yer old rasslin' boots and get your fucking ass in the ring. This is an all-comers event. The first 32 will be accepted, but only the strong will survive." "

Welcome to the OLDSKOOL ULTIMATE WRESTLING ALLIANCE! This is where it ALL began! We are not accepting applications. !

Our Goal:
Our goal in the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance is to write full matches for our wrestlers while trying to incorporate many angles to make your experience truely the best in the UWA.

For those of you who are returning superstars back for more blood and glory, we wish a welcome back. For those who have just got here, we welcome you to the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance. 4 years and still kickin'...

And the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance is truely the kings of making tournaments. Check out our past tournaments:
The Sixty-Four Man Tournament
The King of Extreme Tournament

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