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The UGSTAD Family Page

The Ugstad Family


..Paul UGSTAD was born in the 1850's in Hurum Parrish, Buskerud County, Norway. UGSTAD is believed to be a "farm" name. Paul married Anetta ODDEGARD who was born near Svelvik, Norway. They immigrated to the United States around 1870 where they settled in Otter Tail County, Minnesota. From there they immigrated to Rollette County, North Dakota as members of a caravan of Norwegian immigrants from Minnesota. The Ugstad's had 2 covered wagons-Paul Ugstad drove one and his son, Peter, drove the other. They homesteaded in the area, and attended Ox Creek Lutheran Church. They had several children including: Peter, Burt, Oscar, Julia, Pauline and Olga. Paul died March 11, 1891 and is buried in the John Thorson Cemetery behind the Ox Creek Lutheran Church.

..Peter UGSTAD was born April 14,1872 in Pelican Rapids, Otter Tail County, Minnesota to Paul and Annetta UGSTAD. He married Marion FLATEN in 1904 in North Dakota. Peter was a farmer and loved to ice skate. Peter and Marion lived in the Outlook and Bounty areas of Saskatchewan,Canada, and also North Dakota where they farmed for many years. They had 6 children: Anita Johanne, Esther Muriel, Arnold Peter, Marvin Christopher, George Oscar and Iona. Peter died in 1947 and is buried in Portland, Oregon.

..Marvin Christopher UGSTAD was born Feb.16,1911 in Bounty, Saskatchewan, Canada to Peter and Marion UGSTAD. He had 5 siblings. Marvin married Nina Irene STROM on Nov.15,1941 in Vancouver, Washington. They have 2 children: Douglas Clark and Marcy Irene. Marvin worked for the Southern Pacific Railroad where he retired in 1974. He and Nina spent their winters in Yuma, Arizona before finally buying a home and living in Yuma permanently. Marvin and Nina were very active as volunteers for the Meals-On-Wheels Program in Yuma. Nina died in 1994, and last year Marvin sold their home and moved into a retirement community. He lives there with his dog "Mandy", and he enjoys going for walks and playing drums in a dance band.

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